Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard


It’s summer, and you are going to relax on the patio? Then regular backyard lighting will not suffice to fulfill your leisurely time.

Installing outdoor lighting will indeed dramatically transform outdoor home décor. To enjoy tranquility to the fullest and have a great time with friends and family, you need to illuminate the backyard with lights, such as 12 volt flicker flame bulbs, LED lights, etc.

Try the following backyard lighting ideas to elevate your backyard lighting.

8 Amazing backyard lighting ideas

There are numerous decoration ideas available. Here are 8 backyard light settings that are both stunning and offer safety.

Let’s get started on sprucing up your backyard.

  1. Illuminate the fence

Fence lighting is an excellent idea to highlight the edges of your backyard. Which light should you choose for that? The 12 volt flicker flame bulbs will look fabulous under the fence.

You can space them at a regular interval along the fence. These lights will cast a mellow glow on the fence above and the garden bed below. Besides, they will work as a visual identifier of the fence line. At the same time, they will softly light up the landscape.

  1. Enhance the look of the dining area

Since you don’t want to have boring summer dinner parties, string light will be the easiest solution. They are always the go-to lighting ideas among all types of home décor lights.

So, you can hang a few strands of string lights and make the perfect outdoor dining space. You can also add some warm glow by placing some lanterns on the table.

  1. Fix light on the trees

This subtle backyard lighting idea can be used to create a welcoming atmosphere in the evening garden. Trees take on architectural characteristics, and your garden will also have trees. You can decorate the branches and trunks with some nice lights. You can also use a light with a moveable feature to accommodate your moods.

  1. Light up the paths

Path lighting will assist you in navigating shaded walkways. Not just that, it will make the walkways attractively lit. 

Lights on the pathways can be soft to moderately bright—you can pick accordingly. You can place lights on both sides of the main walkways.

Furthermore, installing a path light from the back door to the fence door would be ideal. Why leave the stepping stone? LED path lights will be a good pick here because these lights can provide brightness for several hours and energy saving.

  1. Use different layers of light

Got a small split-level garden? Then you might have sandstone and steps for the paving. You can make it look spectacular by using light at night.

Besides, it is essential to illuminate the area because they exist to provide a new dimension and feel to your backyard. You can incorporate LED spike lights in three different lighting channels to light up the space.

  1. Lighting on architecture Features

Some people have homes with unique architectural features. Such as recessed areas and cut-outs. If you are one of them, you can highlight the architectural details.

For example, the stone wall will be lit from within if you add lighting. Also, the arrangement will allow plenty of light to pass beneath the portico and up the stairs.

  1. Lighting the season area

Even if you don’t have a pergola or gazebo, a canopy of string lights can set the cozy tone for your outdoor seating area. The simplest way of getting the effect is to use a net of string lights.

However, you can use Individual strings as well for the lighting plan. It will create an illusion of a covered seating area, and the space will look breathtaking.

  1. Candle lights (Because they are always on trend)

You may not be comfortable with hardwired outdoor lighting for the lack of necessary knowledge. Also, you might be short on cash. As an alternative, you can use candles to light up your patio or deck.

You can use stylish battery-operated candles. They’ll give you a beautiful glow forming the best romantic ambiance. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about wax melting or fire hazards. 

Want to make it more appealing? Make use of a variety of candles of various sizes. Also, place them at different heights.

On a final note

Before lighting the backyard, identify the spaces you would like to light up, such as—the spa, pool, steps, seating areas, fences, architectural features, plants, trees, etc. 

Also, before installing lights, talk to your local building department to know what type of lighting and the level of lighting is allowed.