Basic black: total black look making men’s minds

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The total black fashion is for those who want style and comfort. And you should know that it is possible to show a lot of personality with casual and comfortable looks in total black, as we can see in the look of the former football player David Beckham, who invested in pieces with raw materials and details that raise the quality and sophistication of the clothes.

And speaking of him, you know: when the player comes out with some fashion, it soon spreads, so you can be sure that the total black fashion has a useful life ahead, especially in times with cooler weather, either during the day or at night. But, of course, black clothes during hot sunny days are a no-no.

Black clothes for men 

Total black can make any man look modern and impeccable, ready for the most diverse situations, whether with social or casual looks.

Imposing defines a total black social look. A good blazer, followed by a black shirt and tailored pants make any man ready for a business meeting, a dinner party, or a more sophisticated party.

Total black for men from head to toe

The all-black look is no longer tied to tribes that like to dress in all black. The latest international catwalks and runway seasons are a testament to this. Lighter or heavier, men’s black productions have been very well accepted by men of all styles.

The cool thing about basic black for men is the very simple combination: combine textured sweatshirts and tricots with tailored pants and soft fabrics, and on the feet, complete with basic sneakers, Oxford or mocassim masculino, and drivers.

Beware of the idea that black is slimming. What makes the difference is the fabric, fit, and especially the modeling. The idea of the all-black look is to wear the color from head to toe, but when you want to make the look more differentiated, it’s worth betting on a colored shoe.

Shoes to compose the All Black look

Check out some social and casual shoes options from Vocca so you can combine them with black clothes and look like a trinket in the All Black fashion. Remember that the total black fashion also accepts on the feet something bolder, more colorful. If this is your style and personality, click here to see our color variations.

Which men’s jewelry to wear according to your style?

If you are not a fan of jewelry, but you like the idea of introducing it to your look, there is no need to wear it all at once. Start with the traditional: invest in a good watch. Yes, they are fashionable. See here another post with suggestions for watches for men.

After that, if your style is social, start investing in tie clips and cufflinks. Want to be more daring? Then opt for gold chains and rings with differentiated, elegant, or personalized designs, all according to your style and personality.

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