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Benefits of Giving Trophies and Plaques in companies


Companies need to acknowledge their staff members for their efforts as their business achievements. Doing so encourages the employees while supporting and valuing their work. In fact, employee recognition serves as a critical factor in boosting workplace engagement and productivity. It also drives employee retention and increases employee morale. What benefits come with plaque awards for employee recognition?


Gratification and Belonging

Every person enjoys being recognized for their efforts. When they receive this recognition, they get a feeling of gratification which motivates them to work harder. Support and affirmation from coworkers lead to a dopamine high which provides the worker with a sense of belonging. This belonging makes for a more effective workplace.

Not only does this impact the employee who receives the plaque award, but it also encourages other employees to do their jobs better. If they do, they may receive this same type of recognition.

Employers often feel as if annual bonuses or a year-end awards ceremony is enough when it comes to expressing gratitude and appreciation. However, research shows that an organization benefits most when it rewards employees weekly or daily for their efforts and results. Plaque awards are an outstanding way to provide this recognition. However, plaque awards are only one of several options, and organizations should provide recognition in a manner they feel best fits with their company cultures.

Personal Professional Growth

When a person works to improve their skills, they should be recognized for their effort and achievement. This recognition needs to be personalized to make it more meaningful. Others see that they have achieved a significant milestone in their career, which fills them with pride. In addition, a person who feels fulfilled because their efforts have been recognized is more inclined to recognize those around them. A person whose company recognizes their effort will turn into a spokesperson for the company, which is one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Happy Employees

Happy employees are more inclined to stay with a company, which benefits a company in several ways. They spend less money on recruiting and onboarding new employees, so this money can be spent elsewhere to improve the company. One way to improve the happiness of employees is to recognize them for jobs well done. This award shows they are appreciated and that their hard work is being acknowledged by those who matter.

This recognition is important because happy employees reflect well on the company. They have more patience with clients. In addition, as happy employees are more likely to stay with a company long-term, they are better able to meet the needs of customers or clients. They have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do so thanks to the time they have been with the organization. This allows them to provide a higher level of customer support, which clients appreciate.

Increased Productivity

When an employee receives recognition for high-quality work, this motivates them to continue producing this level of quality. It also encourages other employees to improve their caliber of work. They become more productive to receive recognition for their efforts. A company might assume a cash reward is the best motivator when it comes to increasing productivity, but a plaque award serves as a better option.

The employee will quickly spend the cash or put it in the bank. The plaque, on the other hand, can be displayed in their workspace to provide a constant reminder that they are valued by the company and the company recognizes their hard work and effort. This constant reminder encourages them to work hard and be more productive, as they know the company sees what they are doing and appreciates it.

Employee Satisfaction

Recognizing employees is a good way to increase their satisfaction, yet many companies fail to do so. The simple act of acknowledging the efforts put in by workers will go a long way to attracting top talent and retaining it. Most employees appreciate the acknowledgment of their work and don’t expect a cash reward for the effort they are putting in. The praise they receive is more than enough to keep them happy and motivated.

Many companies overlook this fact. Sixty-five percent of employees say that have not been recognized for their efforts in the past year, which may help to explain why over half of all employees today say they are looking for a new job. Every business needs to make employee recognition a priority to avoid high turnover rates and the costs associated with recruiting and training new workers.

Emotional Wellbeing

A positive workplace culture promotes the emotional well-being of employees. The awards allow employees to connect and interact in a positive way. Employees should be encouraged to appreciate each other, as this helps to build relationships across departments. Employees are better able to communicate when this is the case.

Effective communication in the workplace leads to a sense of community, which is good for each employee’s emotional well-being. Employees feel encouraged to use their voices in the workplace when they do so to recognize others who are doing a good job. Knowing they can speak up is good for emotional health and wellness. Their opinion is valued, and they know this opinion boosts another person.

The employee receiving the recognition also sees a boost in their emotional well-being. This positive affirmation makes them feel good and it shows in everything they do for the company. The plaque award is a tangible reassurance that they are doing a good job.

Over 40 percent of employees will leave a job if they feel their efforts aren’t recognized. Sixty-three percent of employees who feel their company recognizes their efforts, in contrast, say they are likely to stay with their current employer, and more than half say they will stay with an organization longer if they feel they are appreciated by this employer. An established recognition program is a great way to reward these efforts and show employees they are valued. Learn more today about corporate award options and how they can be of benefit to your organization above and beyond what is shared above.

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