7 Major Benefits of Using Oriental White Marble Tiles in Your Home

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White marble comes in many gorgeous colors and veiny patterns, white marble is still leading the race. It is timeless, charming, and reflects natural light. If you are also looking for marble tiles for your floors, go for oriental white marble. In particular, it has a softer look with a white base and a slight gray veining pattern. 

Moreover, you have many benefits of using white marble tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of the house. Although white marble tiles have lost some of their fame due to porcelain and ceramic, the choice is there. So, many homeowners still use these marble tiles in their homes. 

Below is the list of some main benefits of oriental white marble tiles. These pointers will help you make the final call:

  1. Oriental white marble is timeless
  2. It is highly durable
  3. Resistant to cracks and scratches
  4. Marble is a good insulator
  5. White marble reflects light
  6. Various other applications
  7. Marble tiles are cost-friendly

Marble Floor Tile

You can never go wrong with the timeless beauty of white marble tiles. They are elegant, stylish, and eye-catching pieces. Also, their natural beauty can attract every eye to it. With its veiny gray pattern and hazy look, your floor will look dreamy. You will find many stones that look like marble. But, no other natural stone can imitate the natural charm of these tiles. So, choose marble for a subtle touch of elegance.  

  • It is highly durable:

A natural stone like marble is highly durable due to its composition. In addition, it is also known for its purity for hundreds of years now. Well, synthetic flooring options also offer durability, but many people choose marble for its natural resistance. Despite being a porous rock, white marble can last longer with a sealant and proper care. So, white marble will stay with you as long as you care.

  • Resistant to cracks and scratches:

The balance of minerals and pressure makes white marble more durable. It is durable because it can resist cracks and scratches. Having this floor means daily wear and tear. In that case, you will not find any natural stone more resistant to breaking than white marble tiles. So, choose marble tiles and leave all the stress and worries behind.

  • Marble is a good insulator:

It is a fact that marble is an excellent insulator. In general, it is a cold stone by nature. That is why it acts as a good insulator in your home. Particularly in the kitchen, white marble tiles are the best choice. In this way, you will get a light heated cooking area. Moreover, due to this feature, you can use marble tiles in doorways and patios as well. So, make sure you save some bucks on gas bills.

  • White marble reflects light:

It is one of the reasons white marble is in most homes. It is a bright white stone that reflects natural light. Due to this quality, your home space looks roomier than it is. Also, it offers the feeling of having a spacious home. If you have a small bath or kitchen, go for white marble tiles to create the illusion of space. Also, go for a high-gloss finish to make the most out of this natural beauty. 

  • Various other applications:

You should know that white marble is not only for kitchen and bath floors. It is applicable in many other areas of your house. First of all, you can use the marble tiles as a kitchen backsplash. Moreover, you can use white tiles for half the walls. Also, use its remnants to create a wall or countertop. And use this versatile stone in your living area, garage and patios as well. Fix various marble cuts in your garden too.

  • Marble tiles are cost-friendly:

You may think that marble tiles cost much more than other stones. Well, many people take that for marble. But, this is not the case with all marble tiles. Also, some are offering great deals on marble floor tiles. In this case, Nesttile.com is offering the best rates ever. At such low prices, there is no reason to wait. So, enjoy the other benefits that marble has to offer.

To conclude:

As you can see, marble tiles have a great many benefits to offer you. Out of all, oriental white marble has all the charm and timeless beauty of being a marble. In addition to its beauty, it is resistant to heat, pressure, and cracking. Despite being durable, the life of marble tiles depends on their sealant and maintenance. On top of that, it comes within a decent price range.

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So, if you want to make your home look spacious and bright, choose white marble floor tiles. In this way, you can add more value to your home. Nesttile.com is the best place to get quality white marble at the best rates.

The most popular natural stone flooring are slate, marble, sandstone, terracotta clay tile, or porcelain. All of these have their good sides and bad sides. Slate is probably the noisiest material for a floor covering as you will hear any moving around upstairs. Tile comes in a variety of sizes, and the size will be determined by the room that you have.

Marble is one of the more luxurious tile flooring options available today. For instance, it often costs as much to install marble tiles in your home as many people make in a year and this would not be for you if you are on a tight budget. However, there’s just something about having these extravagant stones underfoot that makes everything seem better – even those days where nothing seems to go right!

Their beauty does come at a cost, however – marble tile floors are very hard and so can be tough on the joints of those living in the home. This problem is compounded by the fact that most people prefer to walk barefoot across a marble floor rather than in their shoes.