Best Bookshelf Speakers under 300

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1. Yamaha NS-333

A piano black style that has a subtle elegance and unassuming fashion.

Naturally colored materials that offset the black glossy look.

A large soundstage that is extremely full.

Bass can be blurry, but it’s not an issue in any way.

In the realm of sound, Yamaha has an absolute amount of experience. This is evident by the achievement of the Yamaha NS-333s. They have a stunning style that is perfect for any setting, they come with the audio quality to back it up with clear, spacious and superior audio that is sure to impress in the spectrum of applications.

While the audio quality is excellent all around however, we noticed that the bass seemed somewhat muddy when compared to the other audio. This isn’t an issue. It was evident when the volume was nearing maximum, which generally speaking isn’t the typical listening experience. It’s a great choice, otherwise.

2. Audioengine P4

An amazing design that feels elegant, solid, and sturdy.

A compact design that is flexible and can do the job.

The sound quality is above expectations and the quality is generally excellent.

The bass isn’t as deep as many might like to make it.

The P4 Model, Audioengine has made a bold and successful entry to the field of passive sound. With a design that is nearly as high-end as you’re likely to find at this price, and boasting drivers that offer an impressive listening experience across all of its categories You could get much better than an audioengine pair.

Like many bookcase speakers, P4s are a struggle when it comes to generating the bass response that is able to deliver in the bass-heavy contemporary music. The bass is clean and well-defined however, they lack the power needed to let them fulfill the expectation that all lovers of bass want to see to be fulfilled. This is an excellent option.

3. The ELAC B6 Debut

Amazing performance for the money.

Voiced voiced transducers that are custom-designed for each customer.

Simple design.

Cab vibrations within certain frequency bands.

Andrew Jones designed ELAC B6 The first bookshelf speaker designed by Andrew Jones has caused quite a stir within the market. The renowned designer has again created one that blows all of its competitors off the mark. Then, it’s still the price at a very competitive level. There’s no model with a higher quality than this for less than $300.

The only issue we have with these B6 debuts comes from uncommon and is been attributed to the practical style of these cabinets. This is a limitation only to the models that we tested however we discovered that the cabinet vibrated at certain frequency. This is clearly not the ideal situation, particularly when you discover that the frequency that resonates is one that occurs often within your medium.

4. KEF Q100

Performance that is way beyond their cost.

Stylish design.

Well executed coax layout.

Only black vinyl versions are currently available.

In the realm of premium audio, it’s not often that you’ll see companies making risky decisions. Particularly in the lower segment in the marketplace. KEF Q100 is a standout that is surprisingly good for the money. With a comfortable and balanced response, these speakers provide you with a taste of the high-end market segment.

There’s not much to complain about in the Q100 product. The audio, in all its forms is a true representation of balance, nuance and clarity. Turning up the volume produces powerful power that is difficult to ignore. Even the bass — which is notoriously difficult to find in bookshelf speakers — is excellent. If you had to choose one complaint one, it’s that at present, you’re able to have them in matte black finish.

5. Polk Audio RTI A1

Innovative design for cabinets that actually improves efficiency.

Fantastic sound after properly installed.

A bargain for this amount.

Weaker low-end response.

Polk Audio’s RTI series is renowned for its numerous advanced solutions they’ve used to create. RTI A1 is a more compact model in this family, yet a very powerful one nevertheless. It comes with all the great features we’ve seen in previous RTI speakers, such as the advanced waveguides and cabinets with tapered cabinets.

Like most of the time with bookshelf speakers that are smaller of what’s available The bass response may cause some listeners to want more. Even though it is true that the RT1 A1 does well for its size, it might just not suffice for those who want the powerful, hefty thump that is found in many contemporary music. This being said, these are powerful speakers that deliver an amazing listening experience.

6. Polk Audio RTI A3

A wealth of features that are efficient.

A stunning tone that is both flexible and strong.

Fantastic quality build.

The most awful thing we could imagine is the color of the baffles.

Polk Audio’s RTI A3 bookshelf speakers provide an air of freshness into an area that’s become stale. All of the components are designed to provide the best performance. From grilles, to its cabinet with a tapered design, RTI A3 is a perfectly tuned speaker with lots of potential power and performance.

There’s not much to complain these RTI A3s. The quality of the sound is outstanding at this price point and even the bass is able to provide an impressive performance in spite of the fact that they’re not a huge device. An array of helpful options and the capability to produce a sound that is as refined and versatile as it is powerful rounds out a great offering by Polk Audio that ticks all of the areas.

Another thing you’ll admire is its style and construction quality. It features a retro-modern style featuring a black front with cherry red wood to the back. With a weight of 5.7 pounds, each speaker are built to last and can easily last. The subwoofer itself is large, with a weight of around 24 pounds. The only drawback you could experience with these subwoofers is the size of the subwoofer. It may be difficult to find the space needed to install it in your home.

Overall the Edifier S350DB has been rated as one of the top-quality bookshelf speakers, with subwoofers in the price. Included with this purchase is receiving an electronic remote. In addition, both U.S and Canada offer a two-year guarantee. We strongly recommend it!