Best Broadband Plans in Australia

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If you live in Australia, you will find hundreds of broadband plans offered by different internet service providers.  While this can be an advantage since you have plenty of options, it makes finding the right broadband plan to suit your needs more challenging.

Because the internet is just as important as your utilities, it is essential to consider these factors before signing up for a broadband plan.


You must be able to identify what type of internet connection is available in your area.  Not all areas have already been included in the NBN rollout, so some locations may only have access to ADSL or ADSL2+, cable, or satellite internet connection.  Once you have identified this, you can narrow down your choices to those ISPs who offer what you need.


Some people, more than others, need extra speed for their day-to-day use. For example, normally, businesses need a high-speed internet connection to avoid disruption of their daily operations.  However, some homes may require a fast connection as well.  Those who do are usually gamers, streamers, work-from-home, or have more family members using them simultaneously.  


Budget is always an important consideration when choosing a subscription.  Some plans are more expensive than others, especially those that offer faster speed or more perks. 


Having an unreliable internet can be stressful and counterproductive.  So choose the right ISP who offers a reliable internet connection plus good customer service.  

Now that you have considered these factors let’s check out the top 5 best broadband plans in Australia and see what fits you most.

  • Tangerine – Tangerine’s NBN plans are value-focused.  Their unbeatable plan pricing often makes them the people’s choice for the best ISP.  Their plans are simple with no contract and no set-up fees.  The most popular ones are the Tangerine NBN 50 plans.  They offer unlimited data at 50Mbps evening speed for only $54.90 per month.
  • Spintel – When you are on a budget, Spintel is your go-to internet service provider.  Since 1966 they have been offering simple and cost-effective plans.  They offer plans as low as $39 per month for a 12Mbps evening speed with unlimited data.  They also offer the cheapest unlimited internet with 25Mbps evening speed for only $49 per month.  Plus, their plans are free from setup fees.
  • Superloop – Superloop is one of the newest ISPs in the NBN network.  It’s one of the Telco’s with physical connection to every NBN point of interconnect. While other ISPs rent out, they have their own subsea cable capacity and domestic fibre, giving them greater control of their network and faster troubleshooting.  They offer great broadband deals as low as $54.95 per month for a 22Mbps typical evening speed with unlimited data and no contract term.
  • Telstra – 40% of homes and businesses choose Telstra, making them the largest ISP in Australia.  They might not exactly offer the cheaper plans we are looking for, but they boast a very reliable internet connection, exceptional customer service, and value-added perks.  One of the cheapest plans is the Telstra NBN 50, with unlimited data for $95 per month at 50Mbps evening speed.
  • TPG – TPG, for many years, has been known to offer low-priced internet plans, but they are actually an internet powerhouse, having acquired various well-known smaller internet brands. They currently offer different NBN tiers: NBN 12, NBN 25, NBN 50, NBN 100, NBN 250, and NBN 1000.  One example is their NBN 50 that costs only $69.99 per month at 50Mbps evening speed and unlimited data.

Many Telcos in the market offer great internet bundles, but those mentioned above are the most popular.  Don’t hesitate to inquire with different ISPs to thoroughly compare the different plans that can help you decide the one that truly suits you and your family.