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Razer, one of the brands well known by the players, is assertive with its new products in the wireless gaming market, which has been on the rise recently. One of those products is the Razer Lancehead and it is also the subject of this review.Do you need best gaming accessories its right way.

The most striking feature of the Razer Lancehead on the design side is its two-handed lines. It is a structure that you can easily use with either your right or left hand. It fits very comfortably in the palm and you can handle many operations with the keys positioned on the sides. Needless to say, all keys and RGB lighting are customizable.You prefer better mouse Alienware Wired Wireless AW610M Gaming Mouse.


An annoying situation, albeit a little, was experienced during the use of the buttons on the sides. For example, while pressing the side keys with your right thumb, your pinky or ring finger can involuntarily touch the keys on the other side. For example, in the Logitech G903, which we reviewed before, these keys could be removed and this area could be closed. Thus, a more efficient use was possible.

Additionally, I think the RGB lighting factor looks very good with black colored mice. The mouse we are reviewing, on the other hand, has a more metallic, light tone color, and frankly, it will not be my primary choice.
Also, the soft design material on the sides of the product is very nice.

Whether wired or wireless. But if we said wireless, it has a purpose, so…

We can say that one of the fastest wireless mice in the industry stands before you. Razer officials report that they can achieve better results by testing this product with other wireless mice. Moreover, in an environment with multiple wireless mice, especially in tournament environments, Razer has been found to be able to respond better with more accurate and uninterrupted signals. I can say that I am very satisfied with the process I use both in my work (as it is) and in the games I play in the office. After all, we are talking about a wireless mouse with a 5G sensor, 16,000 DPI and 210 inches per second (IPS) coverage.

A gaming mouse that aims to give gamers complete wireless freedom

Yes, Razer officials set out for this purpose. With a single charge, you can use this mouse in games for 24 hours. Moreover, RGB lights are also on. Of course, I mentioned that you can edit the keys and RGB colors thanks to Razer’s free software. You can take these profile edits wherever you want by saving them both in the internal memory of the mouse and in the cloud.
As a result, one of the gaming mice that can be preferred for professional gamers is the Razer Lancehead. It is a very performant product. If you want a wired and more affordable product with similar performance, you can also take a look at Razer’s Lancehead Tournament Edition.


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The Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse is a good FPS gaming mouse based on Microsoft’s original IntelliMouse. It feels well-built and retains the classic ergonomic shape of the original. It also has grippy rubberized sides, two side buttons on the left, and a single RGB zone in a strip along the bottom at the rear. Performance-wise, it has a wide CPI range, a CPI you can adjust by increments of 50, and a very low lift-off distance. It also has a good click latency, but some gamers may prefer a more responsive option. Unfortunately, it’s a heavy mouse compared to many similar, more modern gaming mice, its cable isn’t very flexible, and the companion software isn’t compatible with macOS.

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