Best Mobile Website Design Samples To Inspire You


The website development company is focused more than ever before on developing excellent mobile website encounters. Google has favored mobile-friendly sites since 2015, whenever it modified its scoring function. In the year 2018, it began crawling mobile sites, in addition to doing mobile-first crawling since 2019. This is critical since, for some years, smartphones have received higher search requests than personal computers.

Why does Shutterfly work?

Shutterfly’s mobile website is simple to use, visually appealing, and straightforward for both new and returning consumers.

Why do Google Maps work?

The Google Maps smartphone website offers the very same features, aesthetics, and responsiveness as the smartphone app.

Why does Type form work?

Type form streamlines their mobile-friendly website in order to optimize load speeds and provide a more user-friendly experience.

Why does Etsy work?

This website places its most critical functions on the main page, such as web search, commodity groups, and popular goods, while minimizing bloat.

Why does Adrian Zumbrunnen work?

It approaches the web presence in a new way. The website development company produces an interface that is totally geared toward mobile visitors.

Why does elf on the shelf work?

Its mobile website keeps its extensive product line apparent from the start and employs emotive, highly graphic product presentations to entice visitors.

Why does BuzzFeed work?

It caters to its mobile subscribers by directing them to their areas of particular interest.

Why does Evernote work?

Evernote’s mobile website demonstrates clearly how it operates and how you may participate, with a straightforward acquisition path and clean style brought over from the computer.

Why does Pixelgrade work?

Its WordPress themes are responsive, basic, and elegant. The Pile theme, in particular, is ideal for WordPress showcase online sites.

Why does Huffington Post work?

The well-known journal compresses its material to accommodate smartphone screen size and ultimately benefit visitors on the go.

Why does Express work?

Express uses photos smartly to provide a more genuine product browsing interface. The website design company Dubai makes it easier for customers to just swipe to explore things from various perspectives before making a purchase decision.

Why does Nationwide Insurance Company work?

This mobile browser caters to two distinct sorts of customers and separates its mobile page correspondingly. It’s obvious where you ought to visit if you are a person or a consumer.

Why does Squaredot work?

On the main page, this mobile website captures the color scheme, font selections, and dynamic aspects. It’s straightforward, entertaining, and amusing.

Why does Zappos work?

Its mobile version is extremely simple to navigate which is crucial considering its massive assortment. The most recent items are also visible on the initial loading of the page.

Why does ABC work?

The gloomy style of this mobile site contrasts with many other famous smartphone sites, giving the experience a theater-like vibe. The extremely navigable websites assist readers in finding their desired material or simply browsing.

Why do Lean Labs work?

As consumers move down, Lean Labs uses fly-in graphics and various content parts to tell a narrative.

Why does SAP work?

Despite its numerous offers, SAP limits its mobile-friendly website and streamlines its CTAs and menus.

Why does idig Marketing work?

On their website, idig stresses adaptive, displaying a persistent visibility menu from which visitors may alter numerous display choices.


Luckily, today’s modern website design company Dubai and tools enable anybody to create a desktop-ready and mobile-friendly online presence. But it’s the tiny elements you place on the upper edge that will set yours apart.