Best Things to Do With Old Technology

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All technology has an unofficial shelf life.  The average American only uses their phone for two to three years and their computer for five to six years.  Because of this, we’re stuck with the weight of figuring out what to do with all of this technology when it’s no longer useful to us.

These are the best things to do with old technology and what to do before you pass it on!


The best option for many is to sell their old device!  This is easiest with phones since many people are fans of older devices or would rather buy used than new ones.  You can even use the money you gain from this towards buying a new item and replacing the old one entirely.  This also ensures that the device is continued to be used for another two to five years, which is a relief for everyone.


Donating your device to a good cause is also great!  Many organizations accept cell phone and computer donations for those who are in financial need.  These types of electronics are necessary for modern life, so ensuring they’re accessible to everyone who needs them will ensure that we all have a more even playing field.  It can feel good to know your device is going to a good home and to someone who needs it.


E-waste recycling is a huge deal!  Recycling your old electronics will ensure that the chemicals and metals that go into them won’t leach into the environment in a landfill.  Instead, electronics recycling gets the most use out of every part of your device and ensures that it can be repurposed as many times as possible.


You may have a use for your old device that you don’t realize!  Many parents can hold onto their older phones so that when their kids are old enough, it can be their first devices.  This allows your kids to use something that’s already a little beat up so that you don’t have to worry about them breaking something brand new and expensive.  You can also repurpose things like old tablets and make them into room-specific devices, like making an older iPad into your kitchen recipe book to use specifically for cooking. 


Repurposing devices can add another five to ten years to their lives and is helpful for the environment as well.

What to Do Before Giving it Away.

Before you pass your electronics on, either by selling, donating, trashing, or recycling them: it’s vital that you take the time to ensure your information is off of it.  This is most important with phones and computers, which often have untold amounts of information on them.  The quickest way to clear them is to do a full factory reset once you’ve transferred any information you wanted to keep.  Double check items before giving them away.

Old Technology Doesn’t Have to End Here.

Just because you no longer have a use for this technology doesn’t mean it has to stop being used.  Consider one of these options to ensure it lives on!

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