BNB Nagaland’s Kitchen Smokey Delight Festival

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Nagaland’s Kitchen : Smokey Delight Festival

Nagaland's Kitchen

Nagaland’s Kitchen boasts of smoked delicacies around the winter season. Smoked cuisines at Nagaland’s Kitchen are prepared by authentic Naga chefs. Smoked meat is produced by keeping the meat above the fire or hanging on the wall of the kitchen for 2 weeks or longer. The cuisine is a delicacy fare. Naga cuisine is known for exotic meats but simple and flavorful ingredients. One gets to taste a lot of herbs and leaves of exotic plants in the delicacies served during this festival.

Nagaland's Kitchen

 Some of the highlights of the smoked food include Smoked pork available with Naga herbs /Akhuni (fermented soya bean) /Anishi ( Smoked dried yam leaves) one of the most loved & traditional recipes, Mix vegetable boil, one of the most preferred boiled vegetables, Rosep Aon  & Steamed rice cooked in Naga style all of which comes in the main course. Among others are Smoked river fish with Herbs, Smoked pork and chicken with Naga chilli,  Pork dry bamboo shoot salad and thali, , Smoked chicken and shoot salad, Smokes pork chili and chicken Naga chili, Smoked dry special fish,  pork frankfurter and  chicken frankfurter.


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Here at some of the Dishes which we tried out there at Nagaland’s Kitchen

Nagaland's Kitchen Nagaland's Kitchen Nagaland's Kitchen Nagaland's Kitchen Nagaland's Kitchen Nagaland's Kitchen



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