Bobble AI- International Day of Sign Language

With the popularity of personal messaging platforms increasing rapidly, there is a need for representation for all sections of the society. This is not limited to only physical aspects, but special needs too. International Day of Sign Language is celebrated annually on 23rd September, along with the International Week of the Deaf.

When it comes to a conversation on a WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, there is no difference between deaf and non-deaf users. Their conversation is dependent on words that will be typed into the keyboard, or emojis that will be picked out. The gestures remain the same, regardless of them being done physically or virtually. Emojis make it simpler and much more efficient for people to express themselves. Emojipedia 12.0 has already released a special Deaf Person emoji which will soon be a part of devices in 2019.

  • To understand a trend, we mapped the usage of the most popular emojis. Over a course of 12 months, the trend suggests a gradual increase in usage.
  • With the advent of conversational tech like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc., users are opting more and more for quick responses using emojis that convey their motive, as well as a text message, could.
  • It can also be pointed out that these emojis are not limited to specially-abled people, but are empowering all other linguistically abled users to interact easily as well.
  • Millennials are the biggest example of this. With fast-paced lifestyles and an intense need to keep up with everything, emojis let these users take part in conversations with the least amount of effort.
  • 63% of our users are on Facebook every day, and 97% on Whatsapp, most of them millennials.
  • The Thumbs Up emoji is among the top ten most popular emojis used on online dating apps.
  • The most recognized symbol in American Sign Language (ASL), the sign for “I love you” was added to the Unicode after repeated efforts and a petition by the Western Oregon University professor C.M. Hall and Oregon Association of the Deaf interim president Chad A. Ludwig.
  • This emoji – 🤟- stands nowhere on the top 10 list of related emojis. This could be because of lack of knowledge around the subject.


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