Brilliant Features to Bring Your Family Pool to The Next Level


There is no need for a vacation in a lavish resort when you can have a gorgeous swimming pool in your New South Wales home backyard where you can relax or take a dip. It is not only about beating the hot summers, but a stunning pool is a matter of pride for any Australian home. A nicely designed pool can serve as the focal point that links all the components of your outdoor area. It can also be a stand-alone striking statement piece.

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Features to bring your pool to the next level

Check on some features and ideas that will make your backyard eye-catchy and bring your pool to the next level.

Bar stools and tables

If you enjoy hosting pool parties in your New South Wales home and don’t mind doing some cleaning afterward then having a built-in bar table and bar is a great way to improve your swimming experience. You will not have much space to swim but you will have more room to lounge around in the water with your friends and family. A built-in swim-up bar built on the edge of the pool will not only handle in-pool refreshments but will also save room.

The natural landscape surrounding the pool

Utilize a portion of the area around the pool with natural landscaping by using rocks and genuine plants to contribute to the overall design aesthetics. This would offer a pop-up of natural colours, whether the pool is in the backyard or indoors of your New South Wales home.

Daybeds and cabanas

Having daybeds and cabanas would be great instead of the usual lounge chairs by the pool. The setup will easily create a chic pool club atmosphere in the backyard of your NSW home and make lounging by the pool much more enjoyable.


A cascade waterfall is one of the most common swimming pool features that is seen around Australian home pools. Cascade waterfalls are attractive and they produce the soothing sound of falling water, which for some reason is particularly calming when you’re out at the poolside. You can have an additional visual dimension of an integrated LED light that would add a wonderfully intriguing aesthetic element to any pool providing an amazing look at night!

Turning it into a personal spa

Add a handmade spa to your New South Wales home backyard pool to raise the luxurious factor. Swim laps or splash around to maintain your fitness, then unwind with a dip in the built-in spa. You can also add a permanent gazebo to make your pool experience more pleasurable.

Whether you upgrade the interior or external features of your NSW home pool, ensure that it actually improves the pool to increase your enjoyment of pool ownership.