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Any recipe is incomplete without the essence of spices that add numerous textures and favours to a dish. Each spice has a unique flavour, taste, and aroma that infuses the dish perfectly and makes it yummilicious. The suppliers of wholesale spices keep the specialty spices, powder spices, blended spices, whole spices and many more to meet the customer needs. All types of spices possess individual purposes; for example, whole roasted spices add aroma to the food, and powdered ones add colours along with flavours to the food.

Check out the below-listed whole spices you must have in your kitchen:

1. Cardamom

Green and black are the two varieties of cardamoms available in the market. In terms of intensity of flavours, black cardamom is strongly flavoured and spicier than green. Green cardamom is mostly used to enhance the flavours of desserts and blends well with sweets. Black cardamom is spicier and used with other whole spices in the main course.

2. Black Pepper

Depending on its production and other factors, black pepper is quite an expensive spice and is added to the dishes to amplify its spiciness. Individuals also domestically prepare black pepper powder by roasting and grinding it and storing it for the long term.

3. Cumin Seeds

Due to its unique taste, shape, and fragrance, cumin seeds are easily distinguishable. Individuals sometimes confuse the green colour of fennel seeds with deep brown cumin seeds. It is the staple of Indian recipes and is mostly used in the whole form, but overheating or burning cumin seeds turn them bitter. The flavour and aroma of cumin seeds are powerful if cooked correctly, possessing a considerable amount of manganese. 

4. Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds resemble cumin seeds but have an entirely different flavour. It is used to add flavours to curries but also used as a refreshment after meals. Fennel seeds possess many medical uses, such as preventing indigestion or acidity and having quite a pleasant aroma. It also improves bone strength and is a rich source of vitamin C.

5. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a flavouring agent in various foods, beverages, and tobacco. If tasted raw, the fenugreek seeds have a bitter flavour, a strong aroma and become spicy when ground. They are a common ingredient of chutneys and pickles used to enhance the flavour. Fenugreek seeds possess innumerable health benefits like boosting testosterone levels, lowering blood sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, body inflammation, and much more. 

6. Red Chilli

Not a single dish in India is complete with red chilli powder or whole dried red chilli. It is the spiciest of all spices and adds a spicy red colour to the recipe. It is known to boost the immune system functioning and is natural pain relief.

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