Casio Presents the ‘My Style’ series of Calculators

Choosing a calculator is about more than convenience and functions. Casio’s new Colorful & Stylish calculator line-ups offer an exciting range of choices, with stimulating colours and assured quality design, to suit every user’s individual lifestyle. One is sure to find a MY STYLE calculator that’s perfect for their usage.

Through these ranges, Casio offers calculators in adventurous colours, created by specialized colour designers. Taking the trends in interior and fashion design into consideration, each colour tone has been selected from over 100 different tones. Each of the calculators in the series stands out for its optimal

single-tone design. The two series include the Colourful Calculators available in wide range of vibrant colours to cater to diverse aesthetics and the Stylish Calculators for a more professional look, with a metal finish in 7 colours namely Navy Blue, Gold, Blue, Grey, Pink, White, and Black.

Stylish Calculator series

These slim-profile calculators feature a beautiful, fine-quality texture rendered using alumite treatment. Compact Desktop type, the JW-200SC (12 digits / 7 colours), has a tilt display that can be easily adjusted to set the viewing angle – let’s you control who can see your calculations. This exclusive and premium look of the product and feature, makes it suitable for every corporate executive. The colors available also gives you an option to select as per your office theme. The Portable type model, the SL-1000SC (10 digits / 7 colours) fits easily into your pocket while you travel, and lets you do all the calculation in all your meeting in or outside office. The calculator compliments your lifestyle with its attractive look.

Features of New Products

  • Large LCD with easy-to-read numbers as well as easy-to-operate keys
  • Tax Calculation function for easy calculation of prices with or without tax and sales tax amounts
  • Two Way Power technology to protect the calculation data even if the solar-cell light source is interrupted during calculation
  • Key Rollover function, which allows the next key to be pressed even when the current key has not been fully released during high-speed input
  • Function Command sign (×, ÷, +, and so on) on the display indicate the current operation at a glance

Price: INR 395 to INR 795

Availability: All leading Stationery Stores


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