Chucky, Bendy, and The Ink Machine coloring pages


Chucky, Bendy, and The Ink Machine coloring pages: Have fun with the villains through our unique coloring pages.

Suppose you love to try thrills and experience many new things. You often like horror movies more than romantic ones, preferring unique things over cute ones. So for coloring activities, you can choose from Chucky, Bendy, and The Ink Machine coloring pages to have a lot of experience with horror characters. We hope that these new characters will bring a lot of fun to you and your children.

Chucky coloring pages: Chucky killer doll is back with a new look.

Chucky is a character based on the prototype of the Robert doll, haunted by the spirits of a series of notorious murderers. Chucky doll scares viewers with cruelty and cunning, always looking for ways to destroy surrounding targets with many dangerous weapons. The horror characters that were very popular in the 80s – 90s seem to have stepped back into the past, giving way to modern Valaks and Annabelles. However, that’s not true for Chucky – a haunted doll with a hobby of hurting celebrities for a while. Released in 1988, Ma Doll has become a classic film in the genre of ghosts and horrors, making many people feel cold when they remember it. With the image of the Chucky ghost doll, viewers are constantly panicking with a series of monstrous actions from the doll and its increasingly creepy face. Although it has been released for more than 30 years, Ma Doll has consistently been rated as a mysterious but worth-seeing horror work. Many viewers still feel shivering thanks to this horror film; especially they also think more haunted when it comes to dolls because the story in the movie is inherently built on a real-life doll legend named Robert. Chucky is made based on the true story of the 91cm tall Robert ghost doll – one of the most famous ghost dolls in the modern world. The doll’s owner is Robert Eugene Otto, and Robert was a gift from his maid to him. After this doll appeared, a series of strange things happened to Robert’s family. Neighbors claim they saw the Robert doll move from window to window while the family was away. Family members also heard the hideous laughter coming from the doll; furniture was also broken even without outside impact, and clothes and blankets were always crumpled. All were explained by Robert as caused by the doll. Even after the owner Robert Eugene Otto passed away and they sent the doll to a museum, it was still the source of many chilling events. The mysteries surrounding the Robert doll inspired the filmmakers to create Chucky.

Printable Chucky coloring sheets

Does this red-haired doll terrify you? Coloring Chucky coloring pages will relieve your fear because the image of Chucky being redrawn will no longer be as scary as it appears in the movie. This coloring page is for people who want to discover horror characters, ugly villains, or love thrilling horror movies. Maybe adults and children who love the different will be eager to try their hand at creating a new version of the villain. When you are bored with cute and lovely cartoon characters, Chucky coloring sheets are a unique choice for you to spark creativity in new characters. Choose the coloring page you like and print it out to color. Chucky coloring sheets will make your collection more unique. It feels so fun to color the main villain in a horror movie. Choose colors and create a strikingly new picture of Chucky. You can invite your kids to join us for new characters in our collection of coloring pages to spark creativity and practice coloring skills.

Bendy and The Ink Machine coloring pages: It is when fear comes from cartoon characters.

Bendy and The Ink Machine is a unique horror role-playing game that has caused a storm in the community when breaking gamers’ childhood with fear. Developed by Joey Drew Studios, Bendy, and The Ink Machine, it is a horror adventure game that once made a strong impression on the community when officially launched in 2017. Bendy And The Ink Machine is Even more remarkable for PC gamers when leaving an impression by recreating horror cartoon characters. Unlike previous horror games, Bendy and The Ink Machine takes gamers to a movie factory in the animated world. However, unlike the simple and innocent beauty in the imagination, this place is filled with monsters and familiar cartoon characters that suddenly become more violent and aggressive. Thereby gamers need to find a way to survive and find out the cause of making this place hell. The game’s graphics are built in great detail, through which gamers will both have a familiar feeling when meeting familiar cartoon characters but will also be terrified when these childhood friends are surprised to attack you by surprise. Throughout the journey of survival, gamers will encounter many familiar puzzles, but they are also one of the challenges that are not simple in the game.

Printable Bendy and The ink machine coloring sheets

Like Chucky coloring pages, Bendy and The Ink Machine coloring pages also bring a new feeling for colorists to experience the horror cartoon characters appearing in the game. Our new theme does not introduce cute cartoon characters or bright and colorful pictures but introduces characters with new and more unique images. Suppose, in previous experiences; you used bright colors to color the picture very brightly with these coloring pages. In that case, you will use dark colors to express the picture’s mystery and the characters on the page. Bendy and The Ink Machine coloring sheets will give colorists new experiences in learning to color. People can change coloring themes continuously to spark their creativity. Children can have more experience choosing color combinations; adults entertain after stressful working hours and fancy experiences with colors and strange, unique paintings. If you are a person who loves to explore, then Bendy and The Ink Machine coloring pages are what you should try.


Ugly characters with scarred faces, messy hair, or monsters with long horns and weird bodies, do you feel fear or interest in those characters? Chucky, Bendy, and The Ink Machine coloring pages will bring new exciting experiences for children and adults about those horror cartoon characters. Let’s discover Chucky, Bendy, and The Ink Machine coloring sheets after stressful study time and tiring working hours so that you can relax and comfortably create those pictures. In addition, you can refer to our other coloring pages to collect a wide variety of characters.