Clan Support: An Important Addition to OSRS

John Miller 0

—After what seems like an eternity, Clans are now a part of Old School RuneScape.

Clan support has been in the works for quite some time now. Since the beginning, Jagex has been pretty straightforward about the updates regarding the added features. In February 2021, Jagex released a “Clans Progress Update” on RuneScape’s official website entailing the key features that will be added for the Clans. Old School RuneScape is a highly popular MMORPG that has since delved into the world of cross-play, so the addition of Clans is a huge thing for players who are looking to play with their friends that aren’t on the same platform as them. Fast forward to late May 2021, OSRS officially gets Clan supports for the first time. It’s quite surprising how for being one of the oldest MMORPGs in existence one would think that Jagex should have added the feature early on, but t’s better late than never. This is especially great for players that like to party up with their other fellow players to farm OSRS gold and OSRS GP. Not only will they have an easier time trying to find their mates, but there are some rewards in it for them as well for just being a part of the Clan. 

What is A Clan?

A Clan is similar to what people might find in other games such as “Guilds”. Think of it as like an organization for a group of players that like to do certain group activities together. In the case of Old School RuneScape, this is the perfect place to participate in player killing, boss killing, training, and minigame-related activities. A Clan can either be professional where there are Clan leaders and designated statuses for each member, but it can be a more casual, laidback experience as well such as simply having a community for friends that like to play together. To create a Clan, players must first go to the newly built Clan Hub which is near the vicinity of the Grand Exchange. From there, they must interact with Clerk. There are a couple of requirements that players will need to pass if they want to create a Clan of their own. Luckily, they won’t be needed OSRS gold or OSRS GP for it. Instead, they’ll have at least have 25 hours in their game time and four other members that are willing to be the Clan founders. Of course, they’ll also have to come up with a name for their newfound Clan. Forming a Clan is relatively simple and almost everyone can make one so long as they hurdle through the requirements. But sometimes, it’s better to join an established Clan instead of making one from scratch. For one, if the players are serious about it, they’ll have to recruit potential members to their organization. Recruitment is possible via the “Applicants” menu where they can send other players an invite to join their clan. It’s all pretty much like paperwork where players will have to look into a load of applicants that are trying to get into their Clan. Not all players will be active and it’s especially hard to trust others that aren’t just looking to get into a Clan for the perks.

The Features of a Clan in OSRS

There are a couple of incentives for people to be a part of Clan such as its exclusive features. The simplest one is the Clan-only chat channel where players that are only part of the Clan will be able to interact with one another. It’s also a great feature for management purposes and a place to recruit members. There’s also the Clan Hall which acts as a private area that can only be accessed by the members. But perhaps the most important feature of a Clan is the Clan Coffer. The Clan Coffer is similar to a bank account but shared. This is where the shared money of the Clan goes and only the founding members and players with important roles have access to this. This is a great way for Clan members to save up gold for equipment in the future that they might need for other multiplayer activities. For now, the Clan Coffers can only hold up to 1m GP, but that bar might be raised in the future. And of course, what better way to show off that a player is part of a Clan by having Clan cloaks? The cloaks are available for all of the members of the Clan to wear and are entirely free. There are a bunch more features such as the Clan Settings that lets players customize their rank titles, personal motifs, and more, but they’re not as essential as the ones that were talked about here.

OSRS Clan Management

Before diving straight into building a Clan of their own, players must know that managing a Clan isn’t all daisies and roses. There’s a lot that needs to be done if they want the Clan to function like a well-oiled machine. Clans can have up to 500 players (there is no news yet as to whether this will be raised in future updates). Roles or ranks can be designated to certain members and allows them to yield a certain degree of power. For example, only a handful of Clan members amidst the other hundred ones will be able to gain access to the Clan Coffers. It takes a lot of time, energy, and possibly even currency to make sure that a Clan will be here to stay for many years. For the gamers that aren’t ready to invest in such things, then perhaps the better option would be to join a Clan made by the other players from the OSRS community instead. They just have to make sure that they’ll be active within the Clan, especially when doing actual game-related activities.

Final Thoughts

They certainly took their time, but players are overjoyed that Clan support is finally enabled in Old School RuneScape. Clans are a great way to farm OSRS gold and OSRS GP together. Plus, the extra perks of joining one are actually note-worthy. What do you think about the Clan support that was recently added to OSRS? Let us know your perspective about this below.