Company Formation: Learn The Ways To Get A Company License

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Company Formation the legislative agency that oversees and manages the regulatory frameworks for an organization in Sharjah is the Department of Economic Development (DED), which has administrative backing from the “Chamber of Commerce & Industry”. Permits for some types of businesses, meanwhile, require clearance from specific departments and other agencies.

For instance, the Monetary Authority of the UAE regulates banks and other financial sectors; the Department of Economy and Trade regulates insurance firms and partner agencies; the Finance Department and Business regulates industrial production, and the Health Department regulates pharmaceutical and healthcare product lines. Services to other businesses in petroleum or natural gas extraction and allied sectors must follow more comprehensive processes.

Trade business license classifications

The baseline need for any Sharjah mainland company formation in Dubai is any of the 3 kinds of licenses listed below.

  • Business permits for any type of trade business.
  • Professional permits for occupations, businesses, artists, and craftspeople.
  • Industrial permits are required to start an industrial or production business.

According to specified requirements, the law enforcement agencies may also grant special licenses like a Commercial Enterprise Permit, an entrepreneur’s Business Permit, and so on.

Why do small company owners need a mainland Trade License?

  • A free zone Company formation needs additional shares. A Sharjah mainland (DED) license does not need any money.
  • A free zone license is only valid for leased free zone commercial space. Companies on the mainland can indeed be conducted from a less expensive commercial location.
  • The cost of a free zone company registration and immigration is lower, but you may hardly operate in free zones and foreign regions. With a Mainland (DED) permit, you can also have customers from everywhere in the UAE in addition to globally.
  • Protracted free zone advantages and offerings are better suited to a massive global corporation than to a small-scale business owner.

There are absolutely no tax deductions in any sort of corporation, and if you wish to start a private business, you still own the firm entirely, whether it exists in a free zone or on mainland Sharjah.

What are the required qualifications for acquiring a business permit?

To fulfill the statutory obligations of all interested governmental bodies and to achieve full economic profit for the small businessman, it is required to first complete the procedures listed below before mainland company formation in Dubai.

  • Choose the appropriate category for your company: economic, manufacturing, or technical.
  • Identify all of the associated business operations that will be covered by each company registration.
  • Choose a position on your company’s legal standing in the UAE.
  • Choose an acceptable commercial name for the company.
  • Send a proposal to the Ministry for preliminary authorization.
  • Register a brand name after gaining first clearance (if you haven’t already reserved one).
  • Lease commercial space and gain Authority permission.
  • Compile the appropriate documentation, such as memorandums of partnership and clearances from other pertinent government agencies, as applicable to each situation.
  • To get the ultimate license, send a fresh appeal to the Department.
  • Submit the applicable fees.


Some trading operations (such as jewelry and insurance) need the filing of a monetary guarantee provided by a UAE-based bank. In principle, all commercial and manufacturing Company formation in the UAE should indeed be licensed by the local Ministry of Commerce & Industry.