Confused Between Popular Video Conferencing Providers Here Is A Guide To Key Considerations

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Video conferencing is a must have for managing remote teams, closing business deals, team meetings, webinars, product demos, training supports and job interviews etc. in this pandemic times. 

Video conferencing is the need of the hour for all businesses today. So, there is a hunt for suitable solutions for high-quality video conferences that can simplify remote work and communication systems. But video conferencing technology is not easy. 

Developing video capabilities took years of hard work and cannot be recreated easily.  This is why video conferencing API are being widely used today.

Know What Video Conferencing APIs Do And How Do They Benefit Your Business? 

API or Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that allows two applications to interact with each other. API is intermediate between internal and external software functions that generate an exchange of information for use by the end-user. In simpler words, it is a virtual middleman that transfers information from a mobile app to another one. 

An example is the weather data found on Google search or Apple’s weather app. It displays current weather conditions and forecasts. Although these companies are not into the business of weather data yet, they source this information using API. API fetches and reformats data in a readable layout on these apps.

Why Are Web Conferencing APIs Popular Now? 

Integrating video conference tools with APIs gets you rich and unique features, most relevant to your business. It provides secure and private consultations and better ways to work remotely with high-tech virtual meeting spaces. With APIs, most of your heavy lifting for video handling is done by your video API providers who are actually outsourcing the service to you.  You can achieve the following benefits with video APIs.

Saves Development Time A homegrown video app takes a lot of time and effort to finish successfully. It is difficult to adhere to timelines when developing your own apps. Integration of APIs gives you the advantages of leveraging decades of hard work that went into the development of the technology in a very short time.

Cost Savings One great benefit of APIs is the ability to save costs by significantly reducing development efforts.

Cutting-Edge Features By leveraging APIs, companies can implement cutting-edge technologies with the least possible resources. This helps to open up new growth avenues for the user enterprises as they constantly get new features and capabilities without having to research and hence they can concentrate on the core business.

Top Video Conferencing API Providers

Here we are listing the best-fit and specialized video conferencing vendors for your business communication needs.

  1. MirrorFly
  2. Pubnub
  3. Vonage
  4. Twilio
  5. Sinch
  6. CometChat
  7. Eyeson
  8. QuickBlox
  9. Voxeet
  10. Vidyo

A few traditional video conferencing solution providers like Zoom, BlueJeans and Cisco Offer quality, and reliability, but these companies do not exclusively focus on communication technologies. The companies focused on APIs can deliver more customization options and they can deploy a full collection of video capabilities. It gives you options to pick the features you want to implement according to business needs.  You can just add the ones that you need to support your customers. 

Video APIs have all the features available in video conferencing enterprise software, and include the following features also:

Two-Sided Video Chat Video chat should allow face-to-face communication from both sides and a video API can add the functionality to send, receive and display the video on both sides of the user devices.

One Direction Video Conference In case the client wants video only on one side of communication, even that can be embedded with very simple deployments without having to rely on any obscure things.

Only Audio conferencing may be required in apps needed while driving. So, the video APIs can even be used for integrating audio conferencing facilities.

Chat And Text Messaging Video APIs can provide only chat functionalities also to support certain types of work profiles as may be needed by businesses.

File And Screen Transmissions This is an important feature to look for, particularly when you are looking for video collaboration.

Recording The recording feature is a requirement that arises with video apps mostly when the user companies have compliance requirements.

Innovative Features Any video app feature can be integrated with a video API. So, if you have a particular functionality in video apps that you think fits your business, you can always ask your API provider for the feature.


Features to Consider for Easy Integrations of Video APIs 

A lot of thought process goes into deciding what kind of video chat API is right for your business and; what the best practice code is for a best-suited video conferencing solution for your company. Take an appraisal of these factors before making your decision.

Customizability: A good video API should be able to offer powerful customization implements. Every company is different, so are their use cases. The API must be customizable in a way that it brings a natural and satisfying user experience. Make sure that the customizations can be embedded with existing functions of video conferencing seamlessly.

Pricing: Consuming APIs liberates the need to have developers acquire unique capabilities faster. An ideal API must be able to save you resources and money. Different pricing models are followed by different companies, so consider the ones that are more beneficial to you based on your use of video conferencing.

Video Quality:  The quality of video delivery has been increasing year by year. Examine your online video conference qualities because the current day APIs can support robust moderator controls and advanced collaborative features. It can make video interactions engaging and fun. Not every provider is the same; they use different approaches and technologies. Weigh the resolution of the videos and the number of features available. Capabilities like noise reduction, consistency matters more in any kind of video chat. Rely on quality testing before making your decision.

General Capabilities: APIs provide different feature sets. Sometimes, more than just a face-to-face connection is not enough. Along with the audio, video functionalities check whether the provider can offer extra features of video conferencing to boost productivity and efficiency? Capabilities like document sharing, switching to email while chatting, screen-share, making notes with voice commands, etc. are a few examples.

To implement APIs, providers offer SDKs.  This is to let the development teams write the code for the application access and the video conferencing APIs. The application needs to be integrated seamlessly to the API so that the users feel spontaneous and can easily adapt to the usage. The app and video meeting must feel like an integral part of each other so that the user experience is not disturbed. You must ensure hassle-free integrations for high-performing video experiences. 

Leading API providers like CONTUS MirrorFly stand out because they make integrations hassle-free when it comes to the addition and expansion of video call technology & controls. With 100% customization facility and compatibility to both web and mobile platforms, they bring highly scalable and low latency video solutions on board. 

Wrapping Up

Believe it or not, API integrations are an easy part with a well-chosen partner. To put together a design, you will have to stand the test of time. Even well-written codes may fall quickly. API providers take the hard task of exploring and bringing to you the most modern design techniques and technology, carefully. Deploying a SaaS company for this service ensures that you are incorporating best practices without going through the hard lessons.

Video conferencing solution is part of user expectations now; it is not an extra feature. Offloading this heavy task can be quick with an API without compromising on productivity and efficiency.

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