Corrugated Mailer Boxes: Answer to All Your Shipping Needs!

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Want to ship your orders in a stylish yet safe way? Look no further than corrugated mailer boxes!

Corrugated mailer packaging is one of the most popular packagings for e-commerce orders. They are made of corrugated cardboard, a strong and lightweight material. These boxes are easy to assemble and can be shipped flat, saving shipping costs.

They come in various sizes and allow customization to fit your product. You can also print them with your brand logo or other branding information. It will help your brand get noticed among millions of customers globally.

When packing your products for shipment, use proper padding and cushioning to prevent damage during transit. It is also important to label your box with the appropriate shipping information. This will help ensure that your package arrives safely at its destination.

To get the rest of the information regarding corrugated mailer boxes, stay with us till the end. So you won’t miss out on any important information!

What Is a Corrugated Mailer Box?

A corrugated mailer box is a sturdy box that protects your items during shipping. These boxes are made of thick cardboard that can resist bending and crushing. It makes them ideal for shipping items like books, electronics, and other fragile items.

Topmost Features To Look For!

When looking for corrugated mailer packaging, it is important to consider the size, material, and strength of the box.

  • The size of the box will dictate how much it can hold and how it will fit in the shipping container.
  • The material of the box should be sturdy enough to protect the contents from any damage during shipping.
  • The strength of the box will determine how well it can withstand being dropped or thrown around during shipping.

Additional Features To Look For!

  1. Easy Assembly

When looking for custom corrugated mailer boxes, it is important to find ones with easy-to-use closure. This makes them perfect for shipping products that need to withstand rough handling. Although several types of closures are available, be sure to find one that works best for you.

  1. Focus On High-Quality Printing 

When it comes to printing on corrugated mailer packaging, quality is the key. That’s why you must ensure the latest printing technology and the highest quality inks for your boxes. As a result, your printed boxes will look their best.

Printing Methods

  1. Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is a popular choice for many brands as it is a speedy process. This printing is ideal for businesses that need to print large quantities of material in a short amount of time.

  1. Digital Printing 

Digital printing on black or white corrugated mailer boxes is a process where the design is printed directly onto the box using specialized equipment. This printing method is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a quick and easy way to customize packaging.

Digital printing also allows for full-color designs, which means that you can really make your brand stand out. Plus, with no set-up costs, it can be an affordable option for small businesses or start-ups.

  1. Offset Printing 

Offset printing on the boxes refers to the process of printing images or text on the custom labels. You can then glue these labels on the outside of the box. Whether you want to cover a small section or a whole box with labels, it’s up to you!

  1. Foil Stamping  

Foil stamping allows you to give corrugated mailer boxes an elegant look. It is a process that allows you to transfer a design or pattern to the package using hot dyes. The foil used can be of any color but is usually metallic. Basically, foil stamping is done on the outside of the box. But if we want to get more creative, you can also try it inside the box.

  1. Coating and Finishes Touches 

To take the design of corrugated mailer packaging to the next level, consider adding coating and finishing touches. As a result, your products will reflect professionalism in front of your audience.

Finishing Methods

  1. Aqueous Finish

An aqueous finish is a coating applied to white or black corrugated mailer boxes to give them a glossy look. This coating helps to protect the products from moisture and makes them more durable. You can apply aqueous finishing either by spray gun or dipping the mailers in a tank of coating material.

  1. UV Coating 

UV coating is a type of finish applied to the surface of corrugated mailer packaging. It helps to protect them from fading and other damage caused by exposure to UV light. In addition, UV coating allows you to highlight any specific element on the box and give your boxes an extra texture. You can use this type of coating on products that you will display outdoors or in other bright environments.

Guide on How To Fill Void Inside Your Box

  • When filling your corrugated mailer custom boxes with packing materials, start by adding a layer of packaging paper to the bottom of the box. This will help cushion your items and prevent them from shifting during transit.
  • Next, add a layer of crinkle or tissue paper to help further cushion your items. If you’re shipping something that could be damaged by water, such as electronics or documents, you may also want to add a layer of waterproof material like bubble wrap or plastic sheeting.
  • To keep your items from moving around inside the box, add cardboard inserts or foam cushions between layers of packing material. Just be sure to pack these materials loosely, so they don’t damage your items during shipping.
  • Finally, close up the box and seal it with packing tape. Make sure to label the box of fragile items with “handle with care” so that the carrier takes care of it well.

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Final Thoughts!

Corrugate mailer packaging plays a major in transporting your items safely. These boxes allow you to offer your customers a premium experience. Since custom corrugated mailer boxes are versatile, you can package a wide range of products. So, what are you waiting for? Deliver all your products in corrugated boxes from now on!