Could you Make Use of a Used Hearse for Sale?

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When a car breaks down and is not fixable, no one is happy. But what if you need a car to get to work and other places and to haul things? What if you have a very small budget compared to today’s new and used car prices? One way to get reliable transportation, which is also good for hauling things, is to look for and buy a used hearse. Don’t worry, it won’t be haunted or smell funny. Used hearses have a limited buyer pool, so they are usually bargains to purchase. The same rules apply to buying any used car. Get your mechanic to check the vehicle out before you purchase it.

Where Are Used Hearses Available?

A person looking for a used hearse for sale can check with their local funeral parlors or they can go online to a company that specializes in used hearses. Companies such as Southwest Professional Vehicles have websites that show photos and other information about each of the vehicles they have for sale. They will list the make and model, the year, the mileage, the body type, and the color. They usually start with the newest models and then end with the oldest models.

Once a person narrows down the list of potential hearses, they can ask the website for more information and pricing for each model. Purchasing a car from a website has its own set of challenges. The car will need to be delivered to you, or you will need to go to the company location to pick it up. The location might be in a different state. You will be dealing online with the paperwork, payment, and so on. But online car dealers usually offer guarantees or warranties with the cars.

Looking for a used hearse at the local funeral parlors may be hit or miss. They may not have any used hearses for sale. A person might find themselves calling around to funeral directors in several neighboring towns looking for used hearses for sale. The funeral directors might not be easy to deal with. They may not know much about the mechanics of the car. It will be important to deal with a person who will let the car be inspected by a licensed mechanic. Purchasing from an individual like this may make it difficult to get any warranties or guarantees about the condition of the car. It may be a case where you agree to purchase the vehicle as-is and take your chances.

A person can always look in want ads and online for individuals selling used hearses. This is the riskiest way. Purchasing from an individual who you do not know and who is not a licensed dealer poses its own set of risks. It is buyer-be-ware. Try to stick to a dealer with a good reputation or the funeral directors with good reputations.

Some Considerations When Considering Buying a used HearseCould you Make Use of a Used Hearse for Sale?

Hearses have their own sets of problems and considerations. That is why they sell for less money sometimes. Some considerations include:

  • Mileage is not the best at about 10 to 15 miles per gallon. This is because hearses are large vehicles.
  • Used hearses may be prone to mechanical problems. It is good to be able to fix at least common problems yourself to save money. Hearses are used cars and will need repairs.
  • Don’t overpay because someone says the hearse is rare or a collector’s item.
  • If you have a significant other or friends, make sure they will be OK with you owning a hearse and be willing to ride in it.
  • Be aware that not all the attention your hearse will get will be positive. It helps to have a kind of thick skin when driving a hearse. It is an unusual ride and there will be curious people who bother you with questions.
  • Because hearses are large vehicles, they are a challenge to park. But, they are easy to find in a parking lot.
  • Hearses do have a nice big cargo area for those who must haul a lot of stuff around for their job or business.
  • Check with your insurance company to see if they will insure the hearse and what the premiums will be.

A Few advantages of Buying Used Hearses

Once a person gets by the whole “I am driving a hearse” thing, there are advantages to buying a used hearse as a vehicle.

  • Used hearses have fewer miles and lighter use than other used vehicles. They have suffered less wear and tear.
  • They have been taken care of because of their very public use. No one wants their loved one transported to the grave in a dented, rusted, or dirty vehicle.
  • These vehicles cost less than comparable used vehicles so they can be a bargain.
  • Hearses are good work cars because they have plenty of cargo room in the back. They are not as likely to be stolen while sitting at a job.
  • Hearses are good handling vehicles for their size.
  • There are hearse owners’ clubs to join and make new friends.

So, with a few pointers and a little caution, anyone can successfully purchase a used hearse and use it for their own vehicle. However, they cannot use it to transport dead bodies unless they get a special permit and meet those requirements. Follow the DMV guidelines for purchasing used vehicles to be safe. This includes testing of brake lights, turn signals, and all the mechanicals. The hearse should have a valid identification number that can be traced.

The bargain prices can go from $3,500.00 for older models to an average of $28,889.00 for newer models. Some newer hearses can go for as much as $60,000.00. It may be a challenge to get everyone to agree on how to classify the newly purchased hearse. The insurance company and the DMV must agree on a classification. The new owner may have to settle for the hearse being classified as a commercial vehicle.

Though many hearses are made by Cadillac, there are many different manufacturers of hearses including Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and Buick. There may also be other manufacturers. Look for the specs for each manufacturer making hearses to get an idea of which manufacturer to look for.