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Covington Georgia Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Covington Georgia

Covington, located in North America, is famous for its Ghost & Vampire Tours. Find the top things to do in Covington with gorgeous pictures and fantastic reviews right here!

Tours of Mystic Falls, Vampire Stalkers, Vampire Diaries, and Originals

Mystic Falls Tours are presented by Vampire Stalkers! Wish to go to Mystic Falls? Do you want to stand where your favorite The Vampire Diaries actors have? Join us for a tour of The Vampire Diaries and other new Originals’ sets! All of our tour guides give their time voluntarily to the ISF and are acquainted with the TVD cast.

A special invitation to the Lockwood Mansion! You must join our trip if you want to sit on the seat by the lake where Klaus and Caroline cracked open the champagne bottle in season 4! Just added 8 NEW TVD season 5 locales! Additionally, the All New Originals tour features MANY venues, including the Voo Doo shop and items that haven’t even been featured on the show yet.

The fans of Mystic Falls Tours may count on us to provide them with the greatest possible experience while they are in Covington.

Get special rates at a number of nearby hotels. Here We will provide you a lot of information as we show you around Mystic Falls, including reminders about what was filmed at each place as well as recent productions that you may not have even seen yet! We have a good cause for being called Vampire Stalkers! Due to our love of sharing facts with you that you cannot find anywhere else, our tour does contain spoilers. So come and see us in [Covington Georgia](, also known as Mystic Falls! Make sure to schedule time for BOTH tours while you’re here! Tour of Mystic Falls and our Take 2 with the Originals!


The newest multi-use greenway path in Newton County, the Eastside Trail extends 2.5 miles from downtown Covington to Eastside High School. The 10-foot-wide concrete route in Covington, immediately west of the Newton County Public Library, was first made available in early 2013. It starts off Ramsey Drive. The first.6 miles meander behind the library and Newton County Health Center into a wooded area.

After slowly meandering across undulating terrain through the woods, the trail descends to pass Martin St at the intersection of Hazelbrand Rd. The path has four wooden boardwalk portions that cross wetlands and forested areas, and it also has a tunnel that runs beneath Covington Bypass Rd that enables bikes and pedestrians to safely pass beneath the moving traffic. The trail continues east along the east side of the bypass before heading south through pasture and forests to the high school.

Parking is available at the northern ending behind the Newton County Health Center (8203 Hazelbrand Rd NE, Covington, GA 30014). In order to access the Eastside Trail, visitors must pass via Chimney Park. Visitors can park at Eastside High School (10245 Eagle Drive, Covington, GA 30014) at the southern endpoint while classes are not in session.


Our horse ranch is in Covington, Georgia, not far from Atlanta. On more than a thousand acres beside the lovely Alcovy River, we provide scenic horseback riding for novice, intermediate, and experienced riders. Our horses are willing to accompany you on an amazing journey at a moment’s notice and work for their food and lodging. Our horses can all canter, walk, and trot.

Covington, Louisiana’s Children’s Museum of St. Tammany

The Children’s Museum of St. Tammany’s goal is to encourage kids to invent, create, and explore in a fun and engaging learning environment. The dining display and the supermarket both offer interactive enjoyment for kids. A climbing wall, a magnetic ball wall, and a fun exhibit where kids can build their own roller coaster are among the many exhibits.

Grill and Tap Room on Columbia Street in Covington, Louisiana

Visitors and locals alike are welcome to swing by the Columbia Street Tap Room and Grill for some of the best food, local music, and a wide selection of beers, including both domestic and foreign breweries. Along with a wide selection of salads, burgers, sandwiches, and daily specials, the food menu also offers this in Covington Georgia.

Preserve at Lake Ramsay

The Lake Ramsay Preserve offers views of the area’s high quality forest habitats, including a small stream forest, longleaf flatwoods, and longleaf pine savanna, to visitors who stroll along the informational boardwalk that makes its way through parts of this nature preserve.

Trailhead in Covington, Louisiana

The Tammany Trace trail, which passes through the neighbourhood, begins at the Covington Trailhead. The thirty-one-mile-long paved trail links the communities of Covington, Slidell, Lacombe, Mandeville, and Abita Springs. The Covington downtown area’s eateries and stores are only a short stroll from the trailhead. The location, which resembles a former train station, has a clock tower, a grassy space, an amphitheatre, restrooms, a covered market, a visitor’s centre with a museum, and other amenities. Every Wednesday, a farmers market is held at the Covington Trailhead.

Park at Fairview-Riverside in Covington, Louisiana

Additionally, there are restrooms, a playground, and a pavilion for gatherings. . Visitors can enjoy some stunning views of the river along the nature paths that wind through Fairview-Riverside State Park. People who want to spend the night in the park can do so at the nearby campground. It’s common to go fishing from boats or the river.

Location: H.J.Smith & Sons General Store, Covington, Louisiana

As a family-run business in Covington, Louisiana, H.J.Smith & Sons General Store has been serving the community since 1876. The General Store has been converted into a museum, including hundreds of artefacts from the 1870s and early 1900s. Some of the exhibits in the museum include a 20-foot cypress dugout boat, vintage farming implements, a cast-iron coffin, a wooden washing machine that requires manual labour to operate, and a gas pump from the 1920s, among other things. From Monday through Saturday, you can shop at H.J. Smith & Sons.

Louisiana’s Insta Gator Ranch

The climate-controlled Insta Gator Ranch allows guests watch alligators in clear water. Insta Gator Ranch has almost 2,000 alligators. The ranch’s guided tours provide guests an up-close look at the Louisiana alligator industry. All year, Insta Gator Ranch is open. Guests can choose between The History of the American Alligator, The Alligator Ranching Program, a Temperature-Controlled Barns Tour, and The Anatomy of the American Alligator.


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