CUET Ranking system (Marks vs rank vs percentile)

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The CUET 2022 was held to fill seats in different programs or courses offered by different central universities. For this exam, numerous sessions were conducted. In this exam, the student has to choose at least 2 domain-specific subjects among all 27 available domain subjects. The CUET question bank is completely filled with domain-specific subjects, language, and general tests. It has been identified that the National Testing Agency has used the normalisation procedure to get the percentile score for CUET 2022.

 Often participants have questions: What is the marking scheme, and what is the ranking system for CUET 2022? Well, you will get all the answers here relating to the ranking system, exam structure, and scoring system. 

Important highlights of CUET 2022

Before discussing the exam specifications and scoring system, it is crucial to highlight the important things about CUET 2022. This university-level exam used the online mode of application, and the Computer Based Test (CBT) mode was involved. Multiple-choice questions have been included in 4 Sections: Section IA, Section IB, Section II, and Section III. The marking scheme included 0 marks for Unanswered questions and – 1 for wrong answers.

 In this exam, the medium of languages is Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Odia, Punjabi, Assamese, Hindi, English, and Urdu. The CUET 2023 has conducted 9 maximum number of tests, including 1 General Test, 5 Domain Specific Subjects and 3 Languages, or 1 General Test, 6 Domain Specific Subjects, and 2 languages. After analysing the CUET 2022, It has been predicted that the same pattern will be followed for the upcoming CUET 2023 exam.

 The ranking system in CUET

The entrance test result will work as the main foundation of the CUET ranking system. In this post, the scoring methodology has been examined that is used in the CUET 2022 exam. Usually, the ranking system in the CUET exam includes the normalisation method, score calculations, and rank calculations. After analysing the previous year exam pattern, it has been identified that the analysis of marks vs percentile may vary based on the subjects. The given table is created for your reference to understand CUET marks and percentages.

Marks Range Expected percentile
39-20 54-30
49-40 69-55
59-50 74-70
69-60 79-75
79-70 83-80
89-80 89-84
109-90 92-90
129-110 94-93
149-130 96-95
169-150 98-97
187-170 99
200-188 100


Calculate the CUET Score

  • In order to make the CUET score calculation easy and simple for students, you need to understand the methods to calculate the CUET score.
  • NTA uses a normalisation procedure to determine the percentile as the CUET exam is administered over different sessions.
  • You need to consider the highest percentile score of candidates from that session.
  • NTA uses 7 decimal places in the percentage score that facilitate the ability to rank candidates using precise decimal points and their percentile scores.
  • It has been identified that the student with the highest score for each Exam shift will get 100%.
  • NTA shares the raw score and the percentile to report CUET results.

The use of the Normalisation formula

Total percentile = (Number of participated applicants in the session and had achieved a raw score of equal or less than to total percentile) / (Total number of appeared students in the session)

The use of the Tie-Breaker Method

NTA uses the tie-breaker method to determine the CUET score. If two or more students have acquired the same scores and selected the same CUET course in the same colleges, then the class 12 th board percent or score will be used to find the solution as a tie- breaker.

The marking scheme for CUET

In order to determine the CUET score, it is important to comprehend the grading scheme of CUET. But how to calculate these CUET scores. Let’s see…

  • The student will earn 5 points for each precise solution.
  • One mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.
  • If the student has not attempted any questions, then there will be no deduction
  • of marks.
  • If all the attempted answers are found to be correct, then students who have
  • attempted the questions will get 5 points.
  • If more than 1 option is found to correct the answer, then the student will be
  • awarded 5 points for any of the correct answers.
  • If erroneous questions or non-valid or incorrect options are found, then all
  • students who attempted the answer will get 5 marks.

All the above-discussed things will help you to calculate your CUET score for 2023. The online application for CUET 2023 will be published soon on the official website of NTA, so, check their website to get all recent updates about the CUET exam 2023.