Development of turnkey design websites


As practice shows, a website for a company is like an online office, where an interested client can go at any time. Creating websites is a laborious process, but justified for many reasons, the main of which is working on the company’s image and attracting new traffic, creating sales funnels and a flow of customers.

The Ingenious Guru team develops turnkey design websites, building an individual concept with each customer. We approach our work with full responsibility, following all the wishes of our clients and relying on trends in the industry of web design, copywriting and SEO optimization. You can view our case studies here.

Why do you need a website?

The very question that the customer has to answer so that the web designer can start from the main goals of the client. Tasks that can be solved using the site:

  • Sale of goods;
  • Provision of services;
  • Promo events/promotions;
  • Presentation of a new product;
  • Component of the personal brand image.

Conventionally, sites can be divided into the following subtypes:

Business card site (one-page landing)

Such a site reflects information about one product or service, and also “warms up” interest from the audience before the launch of a new product, upcoming event or promotion. Website development on the All perfect Stories platform (you can read about it in this article ) is the best option for such a concept.

Corporate website

It is used by organizations to position their brand and contains key information: about the company, goods/services provided, contact details and the opportunity to receive feedback through the application collection forms.

Online store

There is all the necessary information about the product: a catalog with a full description. The opportunity to get acquainted with the appearance and read customer reviews. And, most importantly, you can make purchases in a few clicks.

The process of working on the site begins with the definition of the main tasks and the type of platform. A turnkey website from Ingenious Guru is a unique adaptive design, a full set of personal account functions, integrations with CRM systems, domain and domain mail connection in accordance with the client’s terms of reference, unique texts from a copywriter, convenient structure and navigation, SEO optimization.

Key components in the development of the site

When working on a future site, it is necessary to pay attention to the unique design and animation, as this is the first thing that attracts the attention of the audience after clicking on the link. It is important to focus on colors and fonts: they must match the corporate style. If an organization has a brand book, then you can create a website design based on its concept.

The information that the site will be filled with must also meet certain requirements. These are not banal articles, but full-fledged readable seo-texts. The task of which is not only to inform about the product / service, but also to promote the position of the site in the search line.

The specifics of SEO texts include:

  • Keywords to be used in preparing information for the site
  • Declension of key phrases or words (here it is necessary to take into account the conditions under which the declension may affect the characteristics of the seo-text);
  • High uniqueness of texts (95-100%).

Development of turnkey design sites: main stages

Based on our work experience, we have deduced a certain sequence of steps that predetermines the creation of a successful organization website:

1. Acquaintance with the activity and immersion in the project.

Without this stage, it is impossible to complete your work at 100%, because a positive result depends on the specifics of the organization and requirements.

2. Analysis of competitors.

Everything is extremely simple here: we look at others to do even better and better. We take the best “chips” into service and apply them.

3. Preparation of technical specifications.

Thanks to the terms of reference, both the client and the performer understand exactly what the result will be in the end.

4. Website concept development on Figma

Even in the market this stage is called prototyping. Here is an example of the concept of one of our cases – link . And this is a ready-made site, starting from the concept – link .

5. Website design development.

The stage for which the previous steps were taken: now it’s up to professional UX and WEB designers.

6. Adaptive layout.

The site design is optimized for 5 main expansion options (PC, tablets in vertical and horizontal formats, phones (VG), TVs).

7. Testing.

The site is being finalized, final adjustments are being made.

8. Connecting a domain

Creating a domain corporate mail

9. Starting a project

After that the customer’s website is displayed on the Internet. According to the main key queries, it can be found by a potential target audience.

The last stage from the Ingenious Guru team involves a nice “bonus” – technical support for the site for two weeks and staff training on working with the Tilda platform .

The development of turnkey design websites is a service that is popular due to its relevance: a website thought out to the smallest detail can take your business to a higher level, increase the flow of customers several times. Marketing agency Ingenious Guru will help in achieving these goals: an individual approach and high-quality work is the basis of the activity of our specialists in the development of designer websites and their promotion through contextual advertising and SEO.

Understanding the intricacies of the Landing Page

In order for you to understand the basic principles of how this tool works, you need to start by diving into the logic and main goal that accompanies the process of creating and launching one-page sites. As a rule, a landing page focuses on a call to action. This can be the collection of statistical or personal data, applications for participation in a project, the design of a service or product, and much more. One landing page is ALWAYS designed for the presentation of one product/service/project, and, accordingly, the performance of one targeted action. This is an axiom that does not require proof.

Imagine you are a corporation that provides services in the field of accounting support and the creation of outsourced software – rather polar areas that do not intersect with each other. You need to collect applications for consultations in these two areas of your activity, to attract new customers. Launching one landing page for these two services is an idea that can safely be called a failure. The development of a turnkey landing (landing), in this particular example, involves two separate pages that will carry their own message.

Let’s analyze the components of the Landing Page on the example of the Appliances Kitchen. Which was developed by our specialists.