DIY wall art ideas to make your home more elegant

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DIY wall art is one of the funniest and cheapest ways to decorate your home. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 36 great DIY wall art ideas for you to try! This list has blueprints and skill levels, so you’re sure to find one you can’t wait to try. If you’re a novice crafter or want a project you can do with your little ones, try one of the simpler DIY wall art ideas like baked ink or abstract paintings. Looking for more grown-up DIY wall decorations? This list contains tons of wall designs for every room in your home, from the washi tape “headboard” to one made of paint sticks! If you are an authority in crafting, many of those DIY wall designs, such as cut oil and woven article, will be a fun test for you. The list below should DIY wall decoration designs for every aesthetic from bright and interesting to simple to minimalist. A nice shout-out from your grandmother’s or children’s cross-stitch designs, these gorgeous ideas will blow your mind!

Easy DIY Giant Confetti Mosaic

In recent years, metallic colors and geometric shapes have become two of the most popular elements used in interior design. This plan connects both ingredients to give your walls a modern and exciting look. Best of all, you need minimal supplies. Then grab stencil papers or a pair of shears along with your favorite metallic paper, some sticky, and any area cover during cool drawing idea.

The super-simple baked ink art

Ink painting projects look like complex watercolor paintings, so you might be surprised to find that making ink art is quite simple. Alcohol-based ink and rubbing alcohol are poured onto the glass and magically transformed into a beautiful collage of organic lines and shapes. Make this plan on a cheap frame, and you’ll have immediate end of wall art.

DIY Floral Monogram Wall Art

You can easily save an old frame for less than a dollar for this elegant project. Monogrammed pieces make great gifts and add a touch of personalization to your mural space. Just cut any letter you want from an old cereal box or piece of cardboard and use hot glue to attach the flowers.

DIY cut canvas wall art

There is no need to access a laser wood cutting machine to achieve the look of a complex woodblock panel. Instead, stencil the outline of a pattern onto the painted canvas and cut it out with a carving tool. We collect & recycle all types of wood waste from timber pallets Melbourne to construction timber. Finish the piece by painting it with the color of your choice. These faux panels couple excellently in multiples. 

Love Looped Yarn Art tutorial

The materials for this rustic piece are inexpensive and easy to find. All you need are some wooden planks, some nails, and yarn. This piece adds charm to any room and is ideal for family rooms, nurseries, and bedrooms. Projects like these are some of the best wall decor ideas thanks to the winning combination of fabrics and wood.

Easy Popsicle Stick Shadow Box

At first glance, no one will even notice that this piece is constructed from popsicle sticks. It takes a mundane material and turns it into something magical! You can paint and layer Popsicle sticks in any shape to create this eye-catching accent. This project makes a great summer project, giving you a reason to keep your fridge in the fridge with frozen treats!

DIY framed laundry photo display

This project is one of the best wall decorating ideas for hard-to-frame photographs like Polaroid photos. You can use any old fabric by combining paint and binding wire or series in rows. You can also liven up your neighboring pins with decorative tape or paint. This piece is a beautiful way to bring your walls to life.

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This piece will add a rustic charm to your walls and is a great entryway decoration. You will need a submachine gun to complete this project, but otherwise, the materials are pretty basic. It’s a particularly interesting project if you have access to pallets that need recycling or barn that need to be reused.

Simple Walled Twig Homemade Wall Art

If you are a nature lover, this wall art piece is perfect for your home. Bring the outdoors inside! Gather your favorite fallen branches on your next walk and gather some lumber to make this gorgeous framed twig project. It accents the bedroom and living room walls especially well as it is a focal point.

DIY “floating” flowers and leaves

This project is a nice accent for walls and windows. The integrity of these parts works well in any room, very well-lit areas. The best part of this project is the colors and textures that the flowers and leaves contribute to your walls. This is one of the best spring and summer wall decor ideas because you can collect a variety of materials from nature.

Easy DIY geometric art

This next piece of wall art goes well with modern, contemporary, and transitional interiors. The geometric patterns and clean lines give it a learned look, but can simply be done by lay artists. You can go with this sophisticated metallic color scheme or pick your colors.

Inspirational Message Rustic Board Art

Who doesn’t benefit from an inspiring message? This piece is great for foster homes because it creates an uplifting environment. Works well as a focal point for the living room or dining room. The repurposed wood creates a rustic, rustic look that blends well with traditional, contemporary, and farmhouse interiors.

Pretty Watercolor Collage Art Project

Making watercolor paper is a fun activity on its own and now you will have something to do with all the pieces you create. This beautiful watercolor mosaic is one of our favorite watercolor wall decor ideas. This piece adds color to the walls and successfully accents solid-colored furniture and decor.

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Colorful Wood DIY Wall Art Decorations

These arrows are one of the cutest wood wall decor ideas right now! These arrows look great in a variety of spaces and can easily match any style by simply turning on the color palette. If you want to freshen up your walls, this is the perfect project for you.

Bear Collage Artistic Collage

It is one of the funniest wall decorating ideas. Better yet, you probably already have all the stuff on hand. This piece of wall art is great because it uses recycled materials to create something amazing. The colorful magazine paper strips are sure to add interest and excitement to your walls!