Documentation for study abroad: can the education agency help?

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If you have been planning for a long time for the long-awaited study trip abroad, you know that the time will come to prepare the documents for the exchange. But where to start? No need to worry or stress! With attention and some care, you can take this stage of the organization of your trip literally, see?

The best of all is being able to count on the education agency that is helping you for the exchange. The company will be able to help in this process, guiding you in the best way so that everything is right for your trip.

Want to know more about the necessary documentation and how the agency can help? Check this post!

Have a passport

This is everyone’s first step. So, if you don’t have a passport, get it as soon as possible, as the queue is often a bit long. Now, if you already have it, check if it is within the validity period. It is worth remembering that it is recommended to travel with a passport that has at least 6 months of validity left, OK?

The agency can guide you in issuing the document, but this step does not have many mysteries. You need to enter the Federal Police website and fill in all the requested information. Afterwards, you must pay for the application at any bank and schedule a trip to a Federal Police post that has a passport issuance service.

On the appointed day, bring all the documents they ask for, plus proof of payment you made.

See if a visa is required

It is now that the agency starts to help even more! When deciding which country will be the study destination of your exchange, the consultants will ask if you already have a visa, if it is a place where this is mandatory, such as for the United States. If not, they will help you in the best way.

In order to obtain a visa, some documents are required, such as an identity card, passport, CPF, proof of residence and, if you are under 18 years of age, documents from your parents or guardians. The education agency does not actually set out the documentation that students need. Another item that helps a lot is confirmation of your enrollment in the course and a letter from the school stating that you will study there for a specified period.

Ask for help buying tickets

At this point, the agency is also able to be of great help. As the company’s professionals will take care of all the details of your trip, there is nothing better than asking for help in this regard. They have search tools, which can find the best flights at good prices.

Your ticket information is also very important to include in your stay details during the exchange, you know? It is with this information that the agency will define with the school the period you will study and, also, where you will stay, which leads us to the next topic. You can save money on airline tickets by booking at the same time as your friends. Howeve, must check out the guideline on united economy vs basic economy so that you can be price conscious while purchasing airline ticket.

Define your stay

There are a lot of accommodation options when doing an exchange, which is great! It all depends on how long you stay and what experience you would like to have. It is worth mentioning that most students choose to stay in the homes of local families, because this way, the experience will be more intense and it will be possible to closely follow the culture of the country.

Another option is accommodation at universities, aimed at young people who are looking to make a large circle of friends and have more autonomy in their daily lives. Now, if you intend to stay longer in the country, for a year, for example, the option of renting a house or sharing an apartment with other students also comes into play.

For all these options, the agency not only can, but should help you. Except for the option of renting a place, which is even easier if you do it in person and with the help of a local realtor.

Check your health insurance

This is another item that the agency will help you with. Health insurance is mandatory for any international trip and, for an exchange, it becomes even more essential. Imagine if you get sick or have an accident and you can’t count on the help of a medical team? So, see how the health insurance will be inside your package.

Usually, it is offered by agencies, but in some cases, especially when the chosen package is on a big promotion, insurance may not be included. So, pay close attention!

It is worth knowing that there are many companies that provide health insurance, and with various types of care and assistance. Prices also vary a lot, but they are usually not very expensive and you will see that it is really essential to travel without this worry.

Another detail to keep in mind is that, upon arrival in the destination country, still at the airport, immigration agents can request your health insurance. And there are situations of students who returned for not presenting one. So, write it down: don’t travel without yours!

See if you need a travel authorization

Anyone under the age of 18 and traveling without a parent or guardian needs a travel authorization. This documentation is requested upon check-in at the airport and without it you will not be able to board-this is a very strict rule and must be respected, OK?

The good news is that passports can now be issued with the authorization of parents or guardians printed right on the identification page of the document. If your passport does not already have this permission field, you must present a notarized authorization.

Did it seem complicated? Stay calm! An educaton agency will be able to help you in all situations presented in this text. Therefore, when deciding to make the trip, look for specialized support and have all the security when providing the necessary exchange documents.