Does Your AC Unit Need Repair?

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Modern homes rely on electricity when the temperature climbs outdoors. As homes are more energy efficient today, leaving doors and windows open to get a breeze or using other techniques that were popular with past generations simply won’t cool the home. 

As a result, many people rely on their HVAC system to keep the home cool. What happens when the system cannot do this? How does the homeowner know the ac unit needs repair unless it breaks down completely? 

The HVAC system provides signs it needs attention. It falls on the homeowner to know what these signs are and to call for help. Look for the following things when it comes to the air conditioner in the home. 

Weak or Reduced Airflow

A person might notice a decrease in the airflow from the vents in the home. This is often a sign the unit or ductwork is obstructed. Dirt and debris get inside the unit. When a technician visits the home for a tune-up or maintenance, they remove this dirt and debris. A homeowner can also minimize the presence of these pollutants by changing the air filter regularly and keeping clutter and debris away from the exterior unit. 

The Home Don’t Heat or Cool ProperlyDoes Your AC Unit Need Repair?

At times, a person might notice their home doesn’t heat or cool evenly. For example, some rooms may be freezing while other rooms have them feeling as if they are in a sauna. This might be a problem with the ductwork or numerous other things. The best thing to do in this situation is to call an HVAC provider. They will come out, examine the system, and determine what the problem is. They can then make any repairs needed to ensure all rooms in the home are at the same temperature. 

Rising Energy Bills

Rising energy bills could mean a number of things. In certain situations, the higher energy costs are the result of a refrigerant leak in the system. They could also suggest the unit is getting older and having to work harder to keep the home at the selected temperature. An experienced HVAC technician can inspect the system and make a recommendation for repairing or replacing the unit. 

Faulty Ductwork

When an HVAC technician visits the home, they may find the problem isn’t the HVAC unit. It functions just as it should, but the ductwork is not delivering the treated air throughout the home. This is a common problem that can be resolved in many cases by sealing the ductwork. Every homeowner should do this immediately in those areas of the home the HVAC unit doesn’t service, such as the attic and crawlspace. Does Your AC Unit Need Repair?

Reduced Performance

Over time, an HVAC unit wears down. There is no way to avoid this, as the moving components within the system experience wear and tear every time the air conditioner or heater is used. While regular maintenance and tune-ups help to reduce the stress on the unit, it cannot be avoided completely. An HVAC tech can take steps to improve the performance of the unit, but the time will come when it must be replaced. 

Choosing an HVAC Provider

When the HVAC system needs repair, the homeowner must ensure the technician they use to complete this work is equipped to do the job. What factors should be considered when choosing this technician?


A homeowner should always work with a licensed HVAC professional. To obtain a license, the person must demonstrate knowledge of HVAC systems and show they have the skills and experience to work on these complex systems. 


Insurance is needed when any contractor visits the home. This insurance protects the homeowner from liability if the technician is injured while working on the system. Furthermore, it provides coverage for the homeowner if something goes wrong while this work is being completed. The insurance provider will pay for any damage to the home caused by the technician. 


When hiring an HVAC provider, ask about the training they have undergone. Ensure the technician takes part in ongoing training as the HVAC industry continues to advance rapidly. By questioning the technician about this ongoing training, a homeowner can know they are getting access to the latest equipment and information.


One thing to consider when choosing an HVAC provider is their reputation. Do customers rave about their work or complain about the lack of professionalism seen in the technicians? Are the technicians known for being on time? While some people say the behavior and appearance of the technicians isn’t of concern so long as the job is done right, they are a representation of the company. Choose a company with prompt and professional technicians and one that stands behind the work of its employees. 

Repair or Replace?

One question that may come up when the technician is at the home involves whether to repair or replace the system. At times, it is easy to make this decision. However, in many cases, a homeowner struggles to know which option is right. Certain things can make this decision easier. 

If the system is over ten years old, consider replacing it. Thanks to advances in the industry, new units are more energy efficient. This means a homeowner can save money on their energy bills each month by investing in a new system. In addition, if the cost of the repair is more than 40 percent of the cost of a new unit, it’s best to upgrade the system. Doing so saves the homeowner money in the long run. 

Investing in a new system allows the homeowner to benefit from smart HVAC technology. For example, they can upgrade to a thermostat that monitors the weather and adjusts the AC accordingly with little input from the homeowner. 

Never put off calling for an AC repair. Prompt action helps to keep repair bills to a minimum. However, choose the right technician to complete this work for the best results, and consider upgrading the system. When a person does these three things, the AC will be working when they need it.