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Millennials and Gen-Z are considered job hoppers in today’s time. It is not a hidden fact any more than hopping jobs is somewhat related to the mindset that we have created. Just shrug off the notion of negativity and feel the essence of this culture, for once?

What you see is what you want to seek! 

For instance, the boomers give time, loyalty, and dedication to one position. But, for millennials, this fraction is chunked off into a piece of the quarter. And for Gen-Z, this is further diminished to 0.01%

This calculation is based on the perception and market trends we witness with our naked eyes. But, let’s not indulge in the generational gap debate, as it will be a war without the bloodshed, for sure!

Let’s, see the drawbacks and fascinating side job hopping….

But, first, see what job hopping is.

Changing your jobs frequently, for instance, once every year is considered job hopping. The person who changes companies is called a job hopper. Further, this is one ongoing trend in the young generation where they want instant hikes in their salary. Though, the oldies consider this practice negatively and deem such a person unfaithful and unreliable.



Being a hopper comes with its own set of demerits; you cannot simply hide from it. Changing or switching organizations frequently will undoubtedly put you in bad books. No one will want to be indulged with you over a more extended period of time. Plus, why does anyone want to invest in you when they know deep down you will ditch this employment and embark on a new adventure soon?


This is not something that you simply amend by getting a CV writing service UK. All the time, you will end up being on a probation period. This is simply because the organization wants to test you before making you permanent. They will check you in various ways, and all your energy will be concluded in making to show your worth. And when the time of getting permanent status comes in, your clock of shifting will be already ticking hard.


There will be no sustainability left in your life. What will be your ultimate goal? What is your target? What is your dream job?

If you can’t answer these, you’re in a deep dungeon of pointless dimension. Your career plan and definite aspiration are lost somewhere down the lane. Even if you don’t know what’s next in store for you? It is the same as Forrest Gump, who ran and ran, but when he stopped, everything was not in place.


The much-asked question of how job hopping can impact your investment strategy is a convincing one. Because of the employer, how long can you maintain your retirement plan? The moment when an organization is ready to consider you to chip in money for pension. It is already time you have made your mind shift. So, all in all, there will be no PLAN B for your retirement. Many resume writing services advise their clients to register at one for at least a year.


LUCRATIVE SALARY                   

According to the doers, it is one of the most promising factors about job hopping. The elevation in salary plus benefits, who doesn’t want that? The notion of the people is simple, they don’t look out for the office environment or toxicity. All they keep in mind is the monetary benefit and the attached embellishments. Boomers hold onto jobs and see the long-run aspects of it. They want growth and, most importantly, loyalty, but today lads are impatient; they don’t look at the bigger picture.


Hoppers don’t feel attached to one particular environment; there is no emotional quotient attached to it. They are liquidated and immune emotionally, feeling not drained by the change of atmosphere. They tend to have no spirits of isolation and no diversion in getting to see new faces every day. This is something that becomes a reason for anxiety and depression for some people. Just like homesickness, they also suffer from office sickness.


Hoppers are relatively quick learners as compared to other sets of employees. They have a brain that works faster than other fellow employees, which gives them an edge. Moreover, by switching jobs more often, they learn new things every now and then. This makes them well-versed and all-rounder people.


Talking about the experience, the shifters have an abundance of that. Getting to know so many organizations and companies in the shortest time is certainly not tedious. They have vast exposure to a number of people. The art of talking and getting to know people is mastered by them. So, when you are head-to-head with some job hopper, be a little vigilant because they know to make people bow.


Job hoppers understand the situation well; they don’t get easily panicked. Over time, they inherited the dynamics well by having such broad and demonstrated exposure. Office politics for such thrill seekers is a piece of cake. They know how to mould situations and make the most of it. Stress and anxiety are a highway for them, understanding the red flag is pretty easy for job hoppers too.


There is always a side to every dimension, the good and the bad. It’s totally up to you what you want to grab from that situation. The same goes for job hopping; some, by nature, cannot hold onto one thing for a more extended period of time. While others do this for the thrill or for better money.

Whatever the concept is, one cannot be judged upon this practice. Who knows, they might have bad luck, be stuck in toxic environments, or they are no growth opportunities there. Furthermore, in today’s time and with emerging technologies and the mindset of people, job hopping isn’t considered what it used to be in olden times.

Time has changed everything, and so do the mindset of people too. The hustle mentality in young brutes has taken a firm hold.