How to Dress Stylishly and Inexpensively. Our Advice to Girls and Women

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What do you think: is it a reality or a myth to dress stylishly and at the same time inexpensively? If you are interested in the answer, then our article is for you. Simple tips will teach you how to save money without sacrificing your style and wear new outfits with more confidence. The Solmar online store catalog will help you find the basic components of a woman’s wardrobe, which will be the key to creating several fresh looks.

According to fashion magazines and popular stylist bloggers, the appearance of a modern woman depends on many factors. These include not only the purchase of new things, but also skills:

  • to look appropriate for the place and event,
  • combine colors and textures,
  • create sets of clothes in one style,
  • select the appropriate accessories,
  • choose and wear quality shoes,
  • determine your color type, exact size and type of figure.

A woman whose ready-made image gives the impression of a beautiful and self-confident fashionista can be called stylish. A correctly created bow is remembered in its entirety. Therefore, it is so important to understand the saturation and brightness of shades, as well as remember the elements of etiquette when choosing a hairstyle, manicure and jewelry. This will help you look good. That is, knowledge and skills are at the heart of an inexpensive and at the same time stylish female image.

What can and cannot be saved on

Tips on saving money on wardrobe upgrades are information that is equally suitable for fans of the mass market and for lovers of bershka promo code. Therefore, you need to choose new outfits not according to the recommendations of haute couture designers, but to be guided by your own preferences and lifestyle. Based on these shopping criteria, we turn to the answer to the question: what can you really save on, and what you shouldn’t.

If you want to look up-to-date and stylish always, we recommend spending the lion’s share of your shopping budget on:

  • quality footwear,
  • basic wardrobe items,
  • most used accessories.

Everything that is not included in this list is left to the preference of the woman, who independently collects her look. The main principle is that you cannot save money on those things that you plan to wear often. This is especially true for office sets and seasonal outerwear. In this case, poor-quality fittings, seams or stretched fabric, which are frequent companions of inexpensive wardrobe items, are considered unacceptable. Therefore, carefully choose trousers and jeans, shirts and jumpers that are worth spending your money on.

Tips for the perfect look

Your daily bow can reflect the mood or spoil it. Every time you mentally try on an outfit from an online store, check your future purchase with the clothes you already have. Buy the thing that you will wear in different combinations. For example, a black peplum belt goes well with a white dress shirt, a plain bright dress, or accentuates a figure with an oversized denim top.

Trending items have a short term. Therefore, an inexpensive current bow consists mainly of classic models, complemented by trendy accents – shoes, a bag or a scarf. In addition to the basic rules, it will help to save:

  • the choice of clothes exactly in size;
  • the choice of a cut that can emphasize all the advantages of the figure;
  • adhere to the dress code of the event.

The latest life hack for inexpensively creating a tasteful outfit is stylish shades. Consider this rule especially when creating a total color look. A review of star total bows demonstrates that:

  • dairy looks more expensive than white,
  • deep emerald richer than warm green,
  • it is better to change office gray to elegant blue-gray,
  • muted pink, as opposed to bright pink, creates a presentable femininity.

If you don’t like wearing bright colors, then choose your own shade of beige, which will shape your perfect look. So the daily style will be classic shiza hassan saree, regardless of trends. You will find muted color clothes (powder, mint, beige, chocolate, khaki) in the Solmar catalog. From our assortment, you can collect several ready-made outfits.