Dubai Mainland Company Formation: Expenses And Prerequisites


You have decided to establish a business organization in Mainland Dubai, and you must evaluate the total cost, business needs, the ideal consultant assistance programs to utilize, as well as how to begin your trip to a lucrative business setup in the world’s largest commercial center.  But even so, based on many decades of work expertise dealing with a wide range of business experts for Dubai mainland company formation, people urge you to pay close attention to the charges and criteria that everyone may need to run their own business in the Mainland, Dubai.

Dubai Mainland startup expenses and criteria

The expenses, as well as prerequisites you must take into account when planning a business set up on mainland Dubai, will vary depending on the complexity of your firm, whether it will be corporate, manufacturing, or customer service-oriented.

In a broad sense, the cost of having your private Company formation in UAE for a Public joint stock company (PJSC) is around 30 million Dirhams, whereas a Private joint stock company (PrJSC) requires a one-time security deposit of 5 million Dirhams. With the exception of this, there have been no special criteria under the United Arab Emirates commercial company legislation to form any other part of the business, and you may hire the assistance of a professional reputed company or consultant organization to advise you on the most contemporary approaches and frameworks.

A further prerequisite for establishing a company in Dubai mainland is no doubt citizenship and an associated customs broker.

The native country of business associates

Exclusively United Arab Emirates nationals are permitted to open the aforementioned businesses on mainland Dubai. That seems to be, whether you wish to start any one of the companies that are listed here, you must also have a UAE nationality and either the solo or multinational proprietor, obviously, it depends on your contractual arrangements.

  • Simple Commandite businesses.
  • Company with collective responsibility.
  • The exclusive proprietorships of the business or commercial variety.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) certification.
  • The home-based business model of the Company formation in UAE.

Business in collaboration with a State-owned company

Nevertheless, even if you’re a citizen of another country, you can start up various businesses in collaboration with a Governmental body of UAE that will function as your economic financial backer.

Establish a Limited Liability Partnership company (LLC)

At least 5 different UAE citizens must be participants in a public joint stock company (PJSC).

  • Private joint stock company (PrJSC) Corporations
  • Manufacturing or engineering firm
  • Skilled solo firm (Needs a Dedicated local service agent only) 
  • A construction firm with no technical responsibilities (Dedicated Local service agent only).
  • A multinational corporation’s affiliate (Dedicated Local service agent only).

Regional customer service representatives

A regional customer service representative is a UAE resident who can help you get the necessary registration as well as other government processes. You may also get assistance in selecting the Best Rated Agency for your company setting.


Bear the gamble now and chat with a Dubai business expert. There are lots of options to make a better decision for Dubai mainland company formation. Make your company registered and get started.