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Clear all your doubts regarding the evaluation of HR & Payroll software

evaluation of HR & Payroll software

An HR & Payroll System is a perfect solution for forgetting about manual work and automating all your HR & Payroll processes simply and efficiently.

With this tool, HR management becomes much more agile, errors are reduced, and you can focus on the human talent strategy that adds value to employees and shareholders and customers.

It is a technological solution that optimises the management of all aspects related to a company’s personnel, from hiring and selection and recruitment processes to employee administration and payroll payments involving pay stub generator.

All this with the primary objective: “to improve the company’s efficiency and simplify the HR management processes”.

What should HR & Payroll software system cover?

A system like this can offer different functionalities to deal with each of the company’s needs. These functionalities usually work through modules, which are focused on managing specific activities of the HR department.

Despite the diversity of functionalities that software for HR management and payroll processing can provide, there are essential functions that it must cover, which are the following:

  • Payroll processing 

Automates the management of employee payroll, including vacations, salaries, deductions, and taxes.

  • Time office

Collect all the information focused on employee hours and attendance to have greater control over each person’s working hours and guarantee accurate payment.

  • Selection process

Manages the entire candidate selection process, from the preparation of job profiles and interview control to the evaluation of each of the applicants.

  • Performance Management

Measure employee performance review against company goals and track their progress.

  • Learning and Talent Development

Provides training and career plans to employees to enhance their skills and retain them in the company.

  • Resource Planning

It allows strategic planning of human resources to add value to the company and achieve its objectives in the medium and long term.

What aspects should you consider in the HR & payroll software system?

To choose the ideal HR & Payroll Software that meets the company’s needs, the following aspects should be considered.

  • HR Software Capability

Verify that the software can solve the organisation’s specific needs, such as the number of employees, multiple cost centres, various business names, employees with different types of contracts, different payment schedules, etc.

  • Cloud

Safeguard the information on a reliable server with automated data backup mechanisms, which allows access to the platform at any time and from anywhere.

  • Communication with other Systems

It must have mechanisms that allow sending and receiving information quickly and easily.

  • Report and Analysis 

Include Business Intelligence tools that generate reports and personalised analyses for timely decision-making in the HR area.

  • A single platform

Integrate all modules in a single platform where all human resources processes are managed through an automatic flow of information. This avoids the incompatibility of applications and formats and significantly speeds up processes.

  • Security

Cover advanced levels of security that guarantee the protection of information and the continuity of the service, such as secure infrastructure, secure communication, secure software and security protocols and policies

  •  Constant innovation

Permanently develop innovations and updates that avoid technological obsolescence.

  • Mobile app (#MobileFirst)

Give employees the possibility to consult information and make requests such as permits, vacations, payroll receipts, and proof of employment with just a few clicks.

Benefits of using HR & Payroll Software

The benefits offered by this type of software range from improvements in the operational part to obtaining valuable information to enhance human talent and make the best business decisions.

These are some of the benefits of implementing HR Software for payroll processing in your company:

  • Automate personnel administration
  • Automatically pay payroll
  • Eliminate manual work
  • Generates timely information for decision making
  • Contributes to staff growth and development
  • Reduces operating costs in the administration of human talent


The world has changed the requirements and expectations of individuals and organisations with it. As a result, the adoption of technological tools will continue to increase, and their use must be integrated with the objectives and strategies of businesses and institutions.

In the establishment of medium and long-term plans, those technologies that allow them to be productive and generate a positive experience for the human factor are considered.

If you still do not have these advantages, contact HROne for HR & Payroll Software. We will have a solution tailored to your needs.

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