Barkha Nangia

Evening of celebrating Women by Glamour Gurgaon

Barkha and Abhishek Nangia, Founder of Glamour Gurgaon hosted the success party of  Mrs. Delhi-NCR pageant. Evening was a celebration of womanhood. Seen at the party were Rajeev Gupta, Anju Gupta, Akassh k Aggarwal, Abhinav, Shrishti, Vibha Nigam and Many More.Abhishek Nangia
Barkha NangiaTalking about the successful completion of the fourth edition of the pageant, Barkha Nangia – Director, Glamour Gurgaon says” “This is a platform to celebrate the independent spirit of women, we hope to make them realize their strengths and uniqueness all over again, so these amazing ladies can achieve their life goals and accomplish their dreams. Through various training sessions, they have been groomed and equipped to present the best version of themselves. This is a massive platform to accomplish meaningful things for these women, I’m elated to share this platform with such a talented and passionate lot. I’m sure that, doorways to new opportunities will open-up for them after this event.

Rajeev & Anju Gupta                                                                                   Rajeev & Anju Gupta
Abhinav & Shrishti                                                                                       Abhinav & ShrishtiAnita Krishnan                                                                                         Anita Krishnan
Megha Grover                                                                                          Megha Grover                                                     Akassh K Aggarwal                                                                                        Akassh K AggarwalShree DemblaPuniti ChaudharyDeepali SharmaSapanpreet AdlakhaVibha Nigam                                                           “Evening of celebrating Women by Glamour Gurgaon”


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