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Today, body contouring services have increased in popularity across the world. This is possible because many people now want to improve their physiques and achieve a perfect body without necessarily having to disrupt their daily schedules.

Body contouring comes with tons of benefits for people who can afford it. If you want to get more information about this service, this post is certainly all you need. As you read further, you’ll discover the importance of having the right body-shaping treatments at Northshore Skin Care Med Spa. In addition, you’ll also discover some answers to burning questions regarding body contouring.

What exactly is body contouring and what does it include?

Body contouring, sometimes called body sculpting, is a medical process of eliminating excess fat, shaping certain body areas, or tightening the skin. Of course, this treatment isn’t what you need if you’re aiming for weight loss. Losing weight doesn’t mean your body will form the perfect shape you want. However, with the right body-shaping treatment, you can always achieve the perfect body of your dreams.

Today, body contouring services are available in different options. Before you visit a skincare medical center in New Orleans or Metairie, you need to understand the different services and go for the one that suits your needs.

  1. Cryolipolysis

In case you don’t know, lipolysis is a term used for any nonsurgical body contouring services. Today, one effective method of achieving lipolysis is through cryolipolysis. With this method, extremely cold temperatures are essential to destroy and eliminate the fat cells in your body.

2. Injection lipolysis

Another effective lipolysis method involves the use of an injection. This injection, which often features deoxycholic acid, is administered directly into the patient’s body to target the fat cells.

3. Laser lipolysis

Another effective nonsurgical body contouring method involves the use of laser technology. In this case, our specialist will make use of lasers to destroy the fat cells and provide your body with a better shape.

Is body contouring worth the price today?

Today, many factors can affect the price of body contouring in New Orleans and Metairie. The most common factors are the length of the procedure used, your location, and the type of equipment involved. The best skin care medical centers in New Orleans and Metairie, such as SouthShore Skin Care Med Spa, will charge you roughly $2,000 to $4,500, depending on the type of services that you want. But is body contouring worth this price?

The simple answer is yes; body shaking treatment is certainly worth the money. It’ll provide you with visible, natural-looking results in a short period. Below are a couple of benefits attached to visiting NorthShore Skin Care Med Spa today:

  • Zero downtime

One of the greatest advantages of going for body contouring is that it often comes with zero downtime. What does this mean? Even if you’re the busy type, you can always go for this service without worrying about any recovery needs.

  • Comfortability

When compared to surgical treatments, lipolysis is way more comfortable. While some form of body contouring services come with discomfort, you need to understand that the symptom is very mild.

Are there any risks attached to lipolysis?

As with surgeries, body contouring services also have their risks. This is especially true if you end up with an inexperienced service provider. To avoid these risks, you need a reliable and advanced service provider, such as NorthShore Skin Care Med Spa. We have a team of experts who understand what they need to do to deliver you the best body-shaping results with zero risks. You can learn more about how our specialists can deliver you the best body contouring solutions.

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