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Everything You Need To Know About IT Staff Augmentation

Everything You Need To Know About IT Staff Augmentation

You can motivate your existing team to become more productive by raising the salaries, giving extra weekends, building the team and doing other activities. However, there are cases, when the things do not work in the way you think of. For instance, when you are having a mature and functioning business and want to build a side project, your in-house team will not be able to handle all the extra workload. In such situations, the IT staff augmentation will be the right help for you.

As the business development manager, you can consult with several clients on which they suggest outsourcing is the best model to choose. In this article, you will know about the major benefits of staff augmentation and tell what works best.

What Does Staff Augmentation Means To Your Business

So, what do you mean by staff augmentation? It is the flexible outsourcing strategy to hire skilled professionals from the external provider for increasing team’s productivity. Augmentation service is mainly done on contractual basis and for short period of time. The augmented team is collected as per on the project needs and the skillset of the team. The outsourcing team will carry out the management and coordination so that it will help you to save time for doing the other business activities.

The main objective behind hiring the staff augmentation is to find the team fast that will help in compensating the lack of skills. Technically, staff augmentation refers to helping the existing team without hiring new employees. By augmenting, you do not have to take help from the HR and administration. Instead, you can hire the outsourcing partner who will offer the augmented team to take care of all the activities.

Benefits Of Using IT Staff Augmentation

When You Are Talking About IT Staff Augmentation, Here Are Some of The Benefits You Must Know For Your Business-


The staff augmentation model will increase the team’s productivity as the developers will hire as per focusing the priority of the project. They work as the dedicated team who will be involved in the project details and treat the work as their own. So, if you want to enjoy high level of productivity, you need to choose the IT staff augmentation.


As the augmented team will start to work on the project, you will be having all the rights on the development of the project. In the similar manner, the augmented team members will follow the policy of the company that comes within the contract terms.


You do not have to pay the additional costs for office rents, social advantages and equipment purchases. This will have smaller expenses in the business and you can hire more experts who will match up your requirements.

When you are launching a new project, outsource the model that does not fit or want to complete any short-term project, you will need to have the staff augmentation for your business. Consult with the right service provider for the same.


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