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Example of a Blog Writer Resume and Writing Advice


If you’re an expert at words, then creating your resume for a blog writer is an easy breeze…right? It’s actually not as simple as it looks. You’ll have to adapt your skills as a blogger to meet the needs of employers and show that you’re a superior writer to the rest. It’s good to know that resume gators can assist.

Its resume guidance, together with the blog writer resume template covers the following subjects:

  • What exactly does a blogger do?
  • What to include in a blogger resume (tips and techniques)
  • The ideal way to present a blog writer’s resume is through a resume
  • Tips for each part in your resume (summary and educational background, work history and skills)
  • Professional resume layout and design tips.

What is a blogger writer to do?

A blogger is someone who writes blogs, whether on their own site or for a customer or any other business. They share their thoughts and experiences through blog posts, and generally oversee the blog’s content and content. The majority of bloggers are self-employed and are able to work at their own hours and work conditions. Blog writers can write on the precise specifications of their clients, or they can develop concepts and topics of their own. Blog writers can write about almost everything, however the success of the blog is contingent upon participation in the social network and the number of readers.

How do you create a blog writer resume

The first step to creating an effective blog resume includes to understand the sections you should include. Your CV should include the following information:

  • The resume’s header
  • The summary of the resume (aka “profile” or “personal statement)
  • The section on employment history
  • The resume section on skills
  • The section for education

A resume for a blogger should clearly show a potential employer the ability to write interesting and engaging writing pieces for blogs. Your resume should draw attention to your writing talents creative thinking, motivational behavior, research abilities and your determination to creating original and compelling blog posts. It is essential to highlight your computer-related skills and your knowledge of the social networks.

Your ability to communicate with others is also beneficial. Because the majority of bloggers are working from home and are self-employed It is recommended to display a positive approach and good time management abilities. A well-written resume for a blogger clearly demonstrates your ability to produce unique and enjoyable blog content that will encourage readers and engagement of your site.

Selecting the most effective resume structure for a blogger

In contrast to other professionals working with more rigid profession’s bloggers have several choices in selecting the ideal resume structure. If you’ve just recently had a conventional job, then you might want to go with the traditional reverse chronological format. This style focuses on your work history section where you’ll have the opportunity to present your previous jobs. You can also include your self-employed job as a job name.

If your most recent jobs have been freelancing, you might be interested in using a mix of resume formats. This allows you to emphasize your abilities while also highlighting the clients you’ve worked with. If you’re only starting out using the functional format, it could be the most appropriate format for you. Find out more about each format within the guidelines for resume styles.

Summary of resume examples

A good resume summary will instantly show your skills as a blogger. It’s because these three paragraphs are all the writing space that you can use to present your knowledge, experiences, abilities and hobbies. Be sure to mention any work you’ve performed for similar industries or clients. Also, you should highlight any specific skills employers are looking for such as SEO writing and social media management or photography. Check out our sample resume that is adaptable below.


Creative blog writer with many years of experience. I produce interesting, engaging and informative blog articles for my personal site as well as for websites of my clients. Expert in exploring new topics engaging readers, as well as encouraging concepts, ideas about brands, mission statements, and brands. A passion for writing, paired with exceptional network skills and the desire to build relationships with others through writing.

The summary of your resume can be the most difficult section to write. Get some ideas from our sample marketing resumes which include the content writer sample resume, SEO resume example as well as Content Marketing Associate resume samples.

Employment historical sample

It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked for a long time as a writer for a staff or have created your own freelance career, your employment history section is essential in describing your career path to potential employers. While the section is able to be customized to your specific requirements, the most commonly used method for creating it is to include subheadings with the name the employer, the position title, dates worked and your location. Add four bullet points to define your responsibilities, skills and accomplishments. Make use of numbers and stats to show the number of blogs that you have written or other noteworthy achievements. Take a look at our resume example below.


  • The Atlas Project was promoted as a purpose The Atlas Project’s mission The Atlas Project via social media.
  • Oversaw all social media accounts and developed blog posts with innovative content to ensure readers’ satisfaction.
  • Conducting research and monitoring blog activity to determine the type of content that readers want.
  • The newsletter was created and distributed monthly. newsletter filled with informational contents.
  • Engaged with blog readers through comments and emails.

Example by Pro Resumes Writers

CV skills example

Your talents are your biggest advantage as a blogger and the section on CV skills is where you can ensure they’re not unnoticed. Be sure to include the combination of both soft and hard skills which is a mix of your technical skills as well as your personality. Skills that are hard to master, such as photography editing and SEO and content management software are becoming increasingly important for bloggers, and you should concentrate on the skills that an employer is seeking and list these in your CV.


  • Advanced Writing Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Interview Skills
  • Social Engagement Skills
  • Content Development
  • Computer Technology Skills
  • Motivated Attitude

Education section example

Blog writers have various education backgrounds. The section on education can help a potential employer understand which areas of your expertise you excel in and if you are in specific areas of knowledge. Be sure to list your education by reverse chronological order. If you’re an incoming graduate, you can also add your GPA. Graduates with advanced degrees are able to quit high school and begin their studies. This is also the ideal location to list the awards you’ve received or memberships you have.

Design and layout of the resume

The appearance and feel of your resume say much about your professional skills as a blogger. You must give your design and layout the attention you deserve by selecting an aesthetic that is consistent with the image of your employer. It is important to keep enough text white space to keep the page from being too demanding on the eyes. Select one or two professional fonts and ensure uniform sizes across the page. Also, you’ll need to create an attractive header that emphasizes your contact information and name. A well-designed template for resumes can help you with this.

What are the most significant lessons to learn from the resume of a blogger

  1. Blog writers typically work for themselves or freelance for other clients, so they might need modify their resume to suit their professional experience.
  2. The summary is an important area to show off your writing abilities and areas of knowledge.
  3. Make sure to include the hard skills in the skill section.

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