Exterior Custom Home Trends In 2023

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Nowadays, exterior designs are as important as interior designs. Exterior designs have a hold on both physical structures as well as personal artistic designs. One can customise the exterior and interior of their home based on their requirements and budget. 

Over the years, thousands of quality homes have been delivered by leading custom home builders in Adelaide. Planning an exterior design is a fun way to express your artistic side keeping your lifestyle in check. 

There are many ways one can design their home while embracing both aesthetics and practicality. Keeping these things in mind, here are some exterior custom home trends in 2023.

Custom Home Trends That Could Stand Out In 2023

  1. Outdoor Kitchens: Cooking is all fun when it is done together but in a packed space. But not really! Outdoor kitchens not only bring the comfort of home outside but also keeps the heat outside, which can reduce your utility bills.

Outdoor kitchens are ideal for entertaining guests. While the food is being grilled or cooked, outside guests can chat around the grill while the meal is being prepared and cooked. This creates an ideal setup for everyone to have a fun time with everyone. 

  1. Outdoor Living Areas: The best way to relax your body and mind after a hectic schedule is to spend a couple of hours in the outdoor living areas. One can add couches, a garden setting dining, or a poolside paradise per their choices and requirements. 

Taking a break from your day to a daily schedule is a must, so why not be out around nature and fresh air? It will help to boost your immune system and reduce stress.

  1. Outdoor Fireplaces: Winters can be best experienced in outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces provide warmth and brightness and help bind family and friends together. Roasting marshmallows and chugging beverages around the fireplace with friends is an everlasting memory that stays a lifetime. It is eco-friendly heating as the wood you burn will have zero carbon footprint.
  2. Swimming Pools: Swimming Pools go with all seasons. You can have a poolside party or dine around the pool. You can design your swimming pool as per your style and the size of the outdoor area. Most importantly you will always enjoy the swimming pool. 

You can escape the heat by enjoying your time in the swimming pool. Having Swimming pools in the exterior areas increase the value of the property.

  1. Spas: Swimming Pools are complete with a spa. You can have all your fun in the swimming pool, but for the refreshment of your body and mind, spas are a must. Spas help one to destress and make the skin more radiant. It is great to have a builtin-spa at your home as you can take as many bubble baths as you want to relieve the stress and recharge your drained batteries.
  2. Stone and Paver Walkways: Paving stones improve your property’s architectural and personal style. You can have stone and paver walkways for front lawn landscaping, driveway lining, and garden use. 

It enhances the look of your exterior area and increases the value of your property. You can also construct stone paver walkways to build a stylish home entryway. 

  1. Decorative or Patterned Tiles: Patterned Tiles bring more life to your designs by giving them a statement look. The patterned tiles have a vast range of colours available so that you can pick any of your choices best suited to your lifestyle.

Decorative tiles are best suited for exterior designs as they are sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions, such as the scorching sun, chilled winters, and heavy rainfall.

  1. Light Colour Stone Accents: Light colour Stone accents never go out of fashion. People use light-coloured stone accents to frame fireplaces. If the right colour and design are picked up, it complements the style of the home. 

Light-coloured stone accent provides liveliness and texture to the exterior of your property. These are common in today’s custom houses’ front and back areas. Rendition Group uses the best quality stone accents that are both beautiful and practical.

  1. Neutral colours: Choosing the best colour suited for your home and as per your lifestyle is a difficult task to do. However, the colour palette which will go with everything is neutral. Neutral paint colours are calming and gentle to the eyes. 

This colour palette not only lets the lines of the high-quality furniture shine but also brings attention to other colours without making them overly dominant.

  1. Unique Functional Lighting: Lighting can help you create a healthy and functioning home. A well-designed house with good lighting functions smoothly, but poor lighting can negatively influence your mood and pose a safety danger. 

Creative lighting makes one’s life even better by lifting their mood. Unique lighting can be used in the home’s exterior area, around the walkway, or sideways of the pool.

  1. Black Accents: Black never goes outdated. Black suits with almost all colours can be paired with any colour. It will make your space stand out like never before. 

Plus, black conceals unwanted stuff, so choosing black accents for your exterior designs is a must. Black accents give a sleek and classy look to your exterior designs. It can also be used to ground an overtly pale room.

  1. Incorporate Wood Furniture: Wood is a material that gives a royal look and is a good investment in furniture. Wood furniture is easy to clean and provides a sleek look to the exterior design. 

The addition of wooden furniture changes the complete look of the exterior areas and appeals to the surrounding. Plus, wooden furniture is eco-friendly and durable.

Bottom Line 

Overall exterior designs are more than just aesthetics. It has its purposes and uses, which are equally important. Designing an exterior of a home is not easy, but Rendition Group has made it look easy by exceeding the expectations of all the clients.