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Fashion –  Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”. Its all about fashion. Fashion and Styling is the most important aspect to bring in the great personality. Girls are usually much conscious about their looks, their dresses, their styling. But what matters is the “Choice”. Choosing the right thing at the right time is what  makes you the right ” YOU”.


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There are distinctive routes in which you can style you up. Young ladies have different alternatives to dress themselves as in ethnics, Indo western, Western, Traditional, Formals and so forth. Body Shape and Dresses are co-related in the way that if the Dress you pick runs well with your body shape, then it will give an incredible looks.
With Dresses, comes the adornments, Hair Styles, the Nail paints you convey, footwear , Handbags and a many more. Fashion continues evolving.
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What you can do is try to make combinations from your Wardrobe. Set  out the Color combinations of upper and lower  wear.
So to streamline your daily dressing routine, consider different angles like the climate. On the off chance that it’s hot outside and you have some outside arrangements in open Sky then attempt to wear something with in full.
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The Best way to be updated about fashion and styling in to ” LOOK AROUND”. Examine others way of Styling and get an ideas for yourself. Its truly not about copying. But its about bringing in the change in yourself according to the trend.
VERDICT : Be your own favourite Fashion celebrity and dress yourself best in every possible way you can. Feel the beauty in yourself. Feel best. Beautify yourself
Make yourself feel amazing everyday in every way.
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At Last I would say “Smile” to bring glitters to your appearance. Its like Icing on the Cake.
Happy Dressing 🙂


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