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Feed The Whole Fam with Papa Johns Family Meal Deals

Feed The Whole Fam with Papa Johns Family Meal Deals

Spending mealtime as a family has been shown to be beneficial in numerous ways. However, there are days that you may not feeling like cooking for everyone, and going out to eat can add up quickly. An easy alternative is to search for pizza open now, as it is a great way to feed a crowd for not a lot of money. Papa Johns offers a wide selection of menu items to please everyone in the family, and there are always deals to be found.

Lunch and Dinner Options

Pizza does not only have to be for dinner, and Papa Johns is conveniently open all day. The next time you are looking for a way to feed the family for lunch or dinner, you will find a wide variety of options on the menu. If someone is not in the mood for pizza, there are other options.

For example, the papadias are extremely popular, as they are flatbread sandwiches filled with tasty combinations. Try the BBQ chicken and bacon papadia, which is filled with grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, onions, bacon and cheese, and it is served with a side of BBQ for dipping. Additional papadias include grilled buffalo chicken, philly cheesesteak, Italian, and meatball pepperoni. You can also create your own.

Buffalo wings and poppers are also popular alternatives to pizza, or they are perfect as a side addition. The great thing about Papa Johns is that there is something for everyone. Avoiding gluten? Order a pizza with the gluten free crust. Reducing your carb intake? Try one of their new papa bowls available in combinations such as chicken alfredo, garden veggie, and Italian meats trio.

Pizza Deals for the Family

Feeding a family is easy when you take advantage of the family meal deals. Search for a package deal, such as a special price for multiple pizzas or a pizza, side, and beverage. Or design your own meal based on each family member’s preference.

When picking out your pizza deals, do not forget traditional starters such as garlic knots, original breadsticks, or one of their various cheesesticks. Papa Johns is also continually adding to the menu and featuring specials for a limited time. For example, try one of the new papa bites. Available, in jalapeno, chicken parmesan, and even Oreo cookie, they are a welcome addition to any meal. When ordering, do not forget drinks or dessert.

Numerous Ways to Save Money

Taking advantage of one of the many family deals is not the only way to save money. Check out their Sunday football pizza deals as you gather with family and friends to watch the end of the football season.

Save on a regular basis by joining their email list and downloading their app. You will receive regular coupons via email, and there are special deals available only when you order from the mobile app. You should also become a papa rewards member. You earn points with every dollar you spend, and you earn $10 towards a menu item for every 75 points you earn. This adds up quickly when feeding a family!


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