Fence design to consider for your next backyard project

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A spacious and safe backyard is standard equipment throughout the American neighborhood. Most homeowners use private spaces for all kinds of recreation and relaxation. Therefore Fence design Brisbane , they prefer to be invisible by prying the eyes of their favorite neighbors and passers-by. Fortunately, many stylish privacy fence designs exist to help real estate owners get the most out of the whole world. Thanks to these creative innovations, it is possible to protect the backyard from intruders without bankruptcy. The following is an overview of the backyard design quintet for residential fences that simultaneously provides backyard transformation, privacy and security.


Privacy fence


The privacy fence primarily acts as a physical barrier between the backyard and the outside world. Many locales have regulations that limit the maximum height. However, generally speaking, the ideal residential privacy fencing height is about 6 feet. This is usually sufficient to prevent both visual and physical access by outsiders. When it comes to frontage styles, a huge assortment of privacy fence designs and colors are available, from which you can choose to create a personalized look. You can also prepare a custom-made fence to suit your taste and unique taste. Another option is online shopping to find attractive and unique wooden fence designs to reproduce. Also, keep in mind that most residential privacy fences are offered in a wooden fence design, but other types may be found. A popular alternative is vinyl and metal decorative strips suitable for garden fence designs.


Picket fence


Many imagine living in a house with a white picket fence that resembles the perfect version of the American Dream. Most picket fences are about 3 feet high and are made of redwood or sugi. Of course, such fences help to attach more accessories than protect the backyard. Therefore, picket fence designs are usually the most variable and offer the best opportunity to customize.


Deer fence


Despite its beautiful and graceful movements, deer can destroy the most well-maintained lawns in minutes. To avoid such catastrophes, wrought-iron fence designs or wooden fence designs can be installed to prevent wildlife from accessing the backyard.


Security fence


Securing your facility from intruders begins with building a security fence. It is most effective to install a wrought iron fence design around the entire backyard. Its height should be as high as the statutory maximum so that thieves don’t even think about climbing your land. Remember to weld or bolt the reinforced gates in place along the backyard security fence while you are in it.


Split rail fence


If you have a large backyard and you have farm pets like horses, split rail fences are the best bet. Such fencing is very common in rural areas and is mostly made of wood. The main drawback of the design of wooden fences for split rails is that they are painted frequently. Horses often break out of wooden fences and try to escape. In addition to denting your pocket, this can be very dangerous to your equestrian health. The bright side is that installing a PVC split rail fence can easily solve both problems. Vinyl fences show no signs of rot or rust and can withstand decades of exposure to the harshest elements. Needless to say, vinyl requires virtually no maintenance.

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