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Five Reasons Why Young People Should Opt for Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Five Reasons Why Young People Should Opt for Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Most human beings put off their decision to buy Aditya Birla medical insurance till they witness a medical emergency. This is because they wrongly believe that they are healthy and youthful so they do not need health insurance. You might think, like most people, that no medical emergency could ever happen to you when you’re young, particularly if you lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, life is uncertain, and you can never predict when a clinical or unintended emergency will strike. An accident or a serious illness could lead to expensive medical bills and play havoc with your budget and savings. Therefore, defending yourself and your loved ones from economic distress through such emergencies is crucial.

Why You Should Opt for Aditya Birla Health Insurance

It is a trustworthy company

In a partnership of 51% of Aditya Birla Capital Limited and 49% of the South African company MMI Strategic Investments Private Limited, Aditya Birla Health Insurance was established in 2015. The company already had strong roots when it began offering health insurance policies in 2016. The company has grown and offers insurance to millions of people. As a young person, you can trust the name and when you take a policy you know you will get the best customer care service and the best possible insurance cover.

Cashless claims 

Young people have to focus on careers, family and other things also while taking care of a loved one who is sick. A cashless claim allows you to center your entire focus on the patient and helping them get better instead of worrying about how much money to carry or if you have money in your account to meet the bill. In cashless payments, once the bills are verified and approved the sum is directly transferred to the hospital, letting you focus on the more important factors at hand. Cashless claims are applicable at the empaneled hospitals of the company and the list is quite expansive.

Flexibility in choosing policies

You can choose from different plans offered by Aditya Birla Health Insurance. These include the Individual Health Insurance and the Family Floater Health Insurance plans. As the names suggest, the first one will provide medical insurance cover to one individual, and the second one will provide insurance cover to all family members listed in policy. A young person can add their parents and spouse to the family floater plan. You should check out inclusions such as No Claims Bonus, Hospitalization cover, Ambulance cover, etc. before deciding which one to choose. 

Flexibility in deciding your Sum Insured Amount

The sum insured is the quantity of coverage you acquire when you make an insurance claim. This quantity is something you need to discuss with the insurance provider to decide the amount that suits you the best. Take a Aditya Birla Health insurance depending on your current and predicted medical requirements and budget. Many young people might think, a basic cover is okay, but the higher the cover, the more at peace you will be when a medical need arises.  

Pre & Post-Hospitalization Care

Comprehensive Aditya Birla medical insurance plans, provide pre and put-up-hospitalization care benefits. In other words, it covers consolation fees of doctors and surgeons, cost of tests, nursing care and more. These costs could be incurred before the hospitalization and after you have been discharged from the hospital – in some cases medical costs for up to 180 days after hospitalization are covered. All you need to do is keep all the bills and invoices safe – check to see if you need soft or hard copies. The claims you make will be verified and then the amount is released. 


Young people should know that an Aditya Birla Health Insurance protects against high expenses and unexpected medical fees, thus sharing the financial load you experience because of a medical need. It provides you to a community of hospitals, permitting you to get hold of well-timed and best hospital treatment, including specialists, diagnostic tests, and treatments.

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