Exploring the Hidden Gems of Europe

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This year, more than ever, people are looking for an opportunity to travel. After spending almost an entire year confined to their homes, everyone’s looking forward to escaping into the unknown. And there can be no better way of doing this than flying private, as the comfort and convenience it offers is unparalleled. There are many charter flights in Dubai that can take you to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Particularly, the European continent is full of such places that you can explore in style in your private jet. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing places that you can see in Europe other than the historic city of Rome and the bustling Paris.


The quaint town of Menton in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, France is truly a magical and magnificent place. The place has a dazzling and warm climate like summer’s sun, making it a perfect getaway for everyone looking to escape the upcoming winters. This small city is nestled between the French Riviera’s pictorial mountains, making it a beautiful hidden gem of Europe.

However, Menton is much more than a beautiful city; it has sandy beaches, rich history of art and culture and a subtropical climate making it an ideal place for vacations. So, if your idea of a vacation is lying on the beach soaking up some vitamin D, then Menton is perfect for you.


The laid-back city of Durbuy in Wallonia, Belgium, is recognized by the European Commission for its sustainable tourism. This place is known for providing one of the most sustainable hiking destinations in the whole of Europe. Durbuy doesn’t only collect all the best awards of Europe but is also the smallest city in the world.

This green delight of a city is perfect for everyone who’s looking to spend some quiet, quality and refreshing time with their loved ones. So, breathe deeply and replenish your soul in this whimsical medieval town. Durbuy is present at a drive of less than two hours from Maastricht, Brussels and Aschen.


The stunning mystical town of Bardejov in northeastern Slovakia is one of those well preserved and hidden gems of Europe that not many know about. It is located at just a 4.5 hrs drive from the capital city Bratislava.

This town is a UNESCO site and is home to some of the oldest and most Gothic buildings in Europe. Once you’re here, it will take you back into the medieval ages and you’ll lose track of time while exploring it. Some of the places worth seeing here are the Market Square, Franciscan Monastery, the Town Hall and the tower of the Basilica. You should also visit the Saris Museum, which is the oldest Carpathian gallery in Europe.

Lake Skadar

Visiting the largest lake in the Balkans region is also a great way to experience the unexplored wilderness of Europe. It lies over the border of Albania and Montenegro and is a 30 minutes drive from Podgorica.

This place is a heaven for nature lovers who will love spending some calm time alongside water. Apart from the amazing lake, the area also has some scenic viewpoints and sites that are a must-see. You should definitely check out the Crnojevic River lookout point along with several others in Virpazar.

Also, don’t miss visiting the picturesque lakeside town of Shkoder, especially the historic Rozafa Castle.   


In the gorgeous Puglia region of Southern Italy, the white city of Italy, Ostuni, is another authentic Italian town that you need to explore. The Puglia region of Italy is home to many quaint towns that are quite unknown and are off the tourism radar. So, if you’re looking to experience a proper European vacay away from the crowd, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting this destination.

Ostuni is called the white of Italy for a reason; this old town has dazzling white buildings and amazing architecture that gives it a fairytale appeal. Visiting this place will give you a feeling that you are roaming in the streets of some authentic Greek town.

Once you’re here, you must explore the quintessential Italian elements like the enchanting Piazzetta Cattedrale and the Piazza Della Liberta. Also, make a point to visit the town’s centuries old olive groves and vineyards. As this town is present at the top of the hill, you will also be able to witness the beauty of Puglia’s countryside.


Tucked away from the crowd beside a valley at the junction of two rivers lies the baroque town of Conques. It is mainly discovered by tourists by chance when they’re exploring the Le Puy Camino Hiking trail in southern France. However, if you want, you can reach it by driving from Lyon, Toulouse or Montpellier.

Conques is just like a modern-day museum, utterly charming yet French to its core. The roads in this town are narrow cobblestone lanes that trucks and buses find really hard to drive. Even some streets are so narrow that people find it really difficult to drive cars there. This is the main reason why this town is still like the way it was centuries ago.

Troll Pikken

The Trollpikken is an interesting rock formation situated in the southern region of Norway, just a little way around the village of Stavanger. You can easily see this formation in the Geomanga Park near Egersund.

The main attraction of this formation is its unique shape, a characteristic form that reminds us of an elephant trunk. Some people even say it looks like a banana sticking out of the cliff’s face with a length of 12 meters.

The name of this area literally means troll’s spike. This formation was sculpted by ice during the last ice age, almost 10,000 years ago. It contains a deposit of the magmatic rock anorthosite, which is also found on the moon.

The Troll Pikken is located at a hike of 1.9 kilometers. So, if you’re planning to see this amazing geological wonder take some good quality hiking gear with you.

Final Thoughts

In all, Europe is a mesmerizing and enchanting continent that has a lot more than the glitz and glam to offer to its visitors. We hope that this small guide of some of the lesser-known places in Europe will definitely inspire you to rediscover the continent all over.

However, if you want to enjoy hassle-free travelling without being bound by schedules and restrictions, you should fly private. Look for the best private jets for sale, keeping in consideration your travel requirements and the budget, of course. Having your own plane will give you the freedom to roam around freely.