Flying Wings A dance Production by AAMAD- dance Centre

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Flying Wings- A dance Production

AAMAD Dance Centre organised Flying Wings, an inclusive production that brings together people from diverse backgrounds. This program was held on 30th March 2021 at Creative Creation Studio, Vaishali. The festival was supported by the Ministry of Culture, New Delhi.

This inclusive production explored the diversity & Inclusion in Indian dance and music.  And showcased that there are no limits of either the body or of space to go high and touch the sky.

The classical dancers, differently abled dancers participated and performed, these performing artists were exceptionally talented and outstanding. In the performance presentation, the artists and viewers, both were conditioned by the structure of tempo, meter, accent and rhythm feel time together, all at once.

Performance themes were devotional, rhythmic, patriotic and innovative which were performed through Kathak artists, creative dancers and dance on wheelchair dance medium. One can witness the indomitable spirit of this special inclusive performance. The artists were highly skilled performing artists. The choreography was done by Rani Khanam, Asst. by Shikha Sharama, Music by Md. Mustafa and Azra Parveen.