Are Foldable Rigid Boxes Beneficial For Shipping?

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When it comes to shipping items, we can see that there are many risks, and products may get damaged. There are various steps involved in the process of shipping, such as loading, transportation, and offloading. During these steps, delicate items may break or bend. Hence, all brands have to go the extra mile to ensure that their items are safe during shipping. Foldable rigid boxes have become the best choice for shipping various delicate items. Do you know why different brands are using these boxes for shipping? Let’s discuss their importance for packaging fragile items and shipping them long distances without any issues.

Foldable rigid boxes are sturdy

Manufacturing materials of any box will determine its strength and value. You must understand that rigid boxes are manufactured from high-tech and sturdy materials. Its manufacturing materials include kraft, bux board, and others. They come in variable thicknesses, and different brands may choose different thicknesses according to their needs. Shipping boxes are thicker and more durable than ordinary boxes. Their thicker flaps play an important role in determining the strength of these boxes. They can endure extreme pressures during shipping and handling. They won’t tear apart or bend during shipping due to increased pressures. Moreover, they are resistant to collapse. Thus, these foldable boxes are the best solution to ship delicate items without any damage. Hence, your products reach their destination safely.

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Additional inserts and placeholders

It is a fact that most objects are damaged during shipping and handling because of their increased mobility. If they are present in a bigger-sized box, they will move freely and may get damaged. Due to this fact, experts have devised smart ways to combat increased mobility. They create boxes with additional custom inserts. The size and shape of the inserts are according to the shape and size of the product. Do you know the benefit of these inserts? Because their size is according to the product, they hold the products tightly and inhibit them from moving. Hence, products remain fixed and don’t move, due to which they remain safe. Moreover, these boxes also come with multiple custom inserts that can help to arrange two or more items securely. They will remain in different compartments and safely reach their destination.

Taped corners and edges 

If the box tears apart or its edges can’t remain fixed, there is a chance that encased product will come out of the box. It may fall and break into pieces. Moreover, their edges and corners are pinned up so that they remain in place even during extreme conditions. Hence, due to these facts, these boxes remain intact and don’t tear apart during shipping. Due to these facts, they can be the best option for shipping delicate items to distant places.

Rigid boxes come with waterproof lamination 

Water or moisture may also damage the encased objects or spoil the visual appearance of the box. You may understand that if the appearance of the box has spoiled, it will spoil the brand image. To avoid this, most brands use rigid luxury packaging as it comes with waterproof lamination. Due to its lamination, it can keep damages due to water or moisture away. Its flaps will not absorb water or moisture during shipping. Thus, they ensure that delicate items reach their destination safely.

Airtight lids and custom-shaped handles

Other reasons that have made custom rigid boxes the best choice for shipping is their airtight lids and custom-shaped soft handles. Do you know the usefulness of airtight lids? They are extremely important as they can keep pollutants and dust away from packaged products. Thus, edible or other products may reach their original form to customers. Besides that, custom-shaped handles make their carriage easier. We know that some kinds of products are heavyweight and their carriage is a problem for people. Therefore, the custom-shaped handles of these boxes make their carriage easier.

Risks during shipping

Don’t you know about different risks during shipping? When you load things onto some vehicles, they may get damaged due to careless handling. Moreover, during transportation and offloading, products are vulnerable to serious threats. Bumps and jolts may break delicate items inside the boxes. Similarly, if you have placed edible items, they will not reach their original form to customers. There are various risks during shipping, and they may lead to financial losses for brands. Hence, all brands need custom rigid boxes to avoid these risks and ensure the safe shipping of their precious items.

Why is item protection important?

Do you know why the protection of items is important? The following points will let you know why you have to protect them.

Customer satisfaction When people buy something, they want it to be the best and perfect according to their expectations. They can’t afford it if there is any problem with the purchased product. Customers don’t like to have faulty and damaged products. Therefore, if you want to satisfy your customers, you may package your fragile and expensive items inside a rigid box design. It will protect them from all kinds of risks. Thus, products will reach customers safely and win their satisfaction. It can be the best way of building customer loyalty.

Build an image of the brand

The image of the brand will determine if customers will get back for repeat purchases or not. When you ship products, if they reach in their original form to their destination, they will showcase that the brand is the best. On the other hand, if they don’t reach their destination safely, it will spoil the image of your brand. In either case, it will impact the purchasing decisions of people. Hence, rigid luxury packaging ensures the safe delivery of items to customers and improves its image. Thus, people will consider repeat purchases.

Foldable rigid boxes have become the first choice for shipping fragile items because of their strength and durability. We have explained how these boxes can be the best option to protect items during shipping. If you want to improve the image of your brand, you must use these boxes to deliver your products. They will reach customers safely and help to build customer loyalty.