Free phone numbers from the government for families with low incomes

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Families with low incomes may be eligible to check if they qualify for a an iPhone for free by government officials of the United States government.

This program Lifeline Assistance provides these cell phones that are required for every activities in the 2022 year.

But, just like other programs like food stamps, applicants must meet certain criteria.

If you’re not eligible for federal programs, we suggest other methods to be able to obtain free phones. You can obtain free iphone government phone under the lifeline assistance program through the US government Apply today check your eligibility before apply to the lifeline program.

This note up-to-date information on The Lifeline Assistance program and about the Affordable Connectivity Program ( ACP ).

It is the Lifeline Assistance program It is affiliated with a number of most reputable mobile phone companies. They offer free phones and other services to families who qualify.

In lieu, Affordable Connectivity program is an federal benefit program that offers the equivalent of $ 30 per month for eligible households and up to $100 off the Internet or purchase a laptop, tablet or desktop computers from participating companies.

In the moment the government phone is free and accessible throughout 49 states. This includes as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico as well as in the Virgin Islands.

If cell phones that are free aren’t available at your point where you live, you could still be eligible for the free landline.

There is a fact that you won’t be in a position to get an iPhone or any other high-end cell phone, nor can you get coverage on networks from the major cell phone companies as they do not cooperate in conjunction with Lifeline Assistance. Lifeline Assistance program, but there are some advantages:

  • Tag Mobile
  • Tempo Communications
  • Terracom Wireless
  • TruConnect
  • True Wireless

To determine which company covers your region Enter your zip code on this link.

How can I apply for a government cell phone?

If you already have an aid program from the government, you might be eligible to apply for a free mobile phone through the United States government through the Lifeline Assistance program.

Anyone who is already registered in one among the programs listed below may pick one of them:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ( SNAP )
  • Supplemental Security of Income ( SSI )
  • Medicaid
  • Federal assistance to public housing
  • Programs specific to tribes such as general assistance provided by the Office of Indigenous Affairs, emergency assistance for families in need that is administered through the tribal ( TTANF ), Food distribution program for indigenous reserves ( FDPIR ), Head Start

Even if you’re not part of one of those programs, you might be eligible for a government-issued phone.

Another requirement to receive free phones by government officials of the United States government is to prove that your earnings are equal to and/or less than 135 percent in your Federal Poverty Guidelines ( FPL ). For more information visit

In other words, if are the sole resident at home and you want to obtain a phone for free by government officials in the United States government, you need to prove that you earn less than 13 590 per year.

Each additional person who lives in your home, you can increase the amount of additional by $ 4,720.

The greater the number of people living at home, the more likely you is to be eligible for the government-issued cell phone as well as a low-cost cellphone plan.

How can I ask for and prove my family’s earnings for the federal government?

You’ll need to show your salary receipts along with a W-2 form or an official letter from the agency that you are enrolled with to prove your income as a household.

SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a provider which offers a wireless service connected to Lifeline Assistance.

If you’re eligible for a phone that is free through the United States government, you can be eligible under SafeLink Wireless. SafeLink Wireless program

It is essential to understand that SafeLink’s plans available have distinct features in each state.

For instance, within the State of Massachusetts the plan includes 1000 minutes of call time and 1GB of monthly data, in California calling plans are unlimited and 3GB data is accessible.

Assurance Wireless

Another alternative could be to use Assurance Wireless. It’s also associated with the Lifeline Assistance program as wellsimilar to SafeLink If you are eligible for free cell phones from the government through Lifeline you are eligible to apply to this program.

Assurance Wireless will give you unlimited texts and calls, along with 2GB of data, completely free of cost. Customers can also get an Android phone for no cost.