Fun-filled Summer Camps For Your Child’s Physical And Cognitive Development

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Education is a basic human right and pertinent for the child’s development for a successful future. Just how much is book knowledge crucial from cognitive development, so are the extra-curricular activities and the field trips altogether.

While books help the children in setting the guidelines and theoretical knowledge to prepare for a practical life ahead, yet there is more to it. And the textbook curriculum is not alone in this game!

Having said that, here are some reasons how summer camps can contribute towards child’s development;

Extra Learning through Extra Curriculum!

Extra-curricular activities and field trips are now becoming a part of educational studies. While one helps to set the theoretical foundations, the other prepares the child for some qualities that will complement them.

World’s fast-paced and metropolitan cities like Dubai can stay ahead of the game by incorporating these in their curriculum. By organizing fun and interactive activities and tours, the students can experience and learn first-hand.


When talking about extra-curriculum, it is important to understand that they revolve around a theme. These themes are specially designed to meet the student’s needs and interests, so they can learn the max out of them.

Summer activities are usually the ones where one camp revolves around a certain theme. These can include Arab life, Old Dubai, contracts, architecture, experiences, adventures, and much more. As the children explore these themes, they can understand the essence that these themes hold, as well as undergo personal development.


This is one part that attracts the most students to happily choose the summer camps. With tons of options to choose from, young students come across multiple play games to choose from.


These include a Scavenger Hunt of spotting the items and returning with the flags to writing a postcard to their loved ones, to many more. These activities can be based on cognition development to physical development, and remain equally important.

One of the best games that most toddlers love is outdoor fort building using the fort building kit. This kind of fort building kits are available on GIGI Bloks!


Safety measures are important. With the changing world, it is important to ensure the students are safe and secure throughout the summer camp. This includes face masks, face shields, social distancing, and offers regular sanitization while on tour.

Curated Program

Children of the world today are well aware of what they want today. While some want to enjoy camps, go on water sports or play games, it’s different for others.

Some want to join more specific camps and thus develop skills. These are based on science, mathematics, skill development, public speaking, and much more. Opting for curated programs helps the child to progress and learn more in a specific field and even choose it as a future career.


Joining a summer camp in Dubai means opening up to diverse lifestyles and experiences. This happens because this emirate hosts people from so many countries, backgrounds, races, and even income brackets. During a summer camp, all these children come from different backgrounds and learn to interact. During this process, they learn a lot and become friends with like-minded people.

This diverse culture can develop a sense of acceptance and tolerance with them. Moreover, qualities like this, help channel them on the right path and become better citizens.


Discovering one’s true self is an art. Figuring it out at the right time helps maneuver the pathway correctly. We come across many people who are still discovering themselves, stumbling across pathways, and making mistakes. This is something that no one wants their child to go through.

However, the summer camps give your child the freedom to discover their true self. Surrounded by a diverse group of friends, coming from different ages and backgrounds, children can explore interests and express their thoughts better. No one can foresee how a child can do wonders if given the right direction.

Camps Role Models

Summer camps allow the children to meet real role models. These people are away from the glamorous screen and more original. Moreover, these role models are stellar students with outstanding leadership qualities. These people love the outdoors, conversing with people on important topics that help build confidence and much more. These people can teach the younger students some important life lessons from their own experiences, that can leave a marked difference in their personalities.

The Takeaway

To summarize, extra curriculum activities can in still the values and traits that are often unconsciously overlooked in the academic curriculum. With the specially crafted field activities and summer camps in Dubai, every child gets individual attention. Through summer camps, children can develop and foster the essential skills that will develop their physical and cognitive capabilities altogether.

Helps in Building a Stronger Bond

This one’s a no-brainer. Enhanced communication and increased interaction amongst employees help in building a stronger team. No one wants to work in a stressed and dull working environment. We all want to work at a place where we feel appreciated.

When you hold team-building activities in our company, you encourage and promote a friendly working environment. This helps in developing a stronger bond between them. The best way of promoting this is through different team-building activities and this is the main reason why most companies hold them.

Promotes Positive Company Culture

Positive company culture helps employees in realizing their true value and worth being a part of their team. It helps in promoting a feeling of self-awareness and usefulness in employees that encourages them to produce greater results. By conducting different team-building activities, you help in advocating a positive company culture which in the end benefits your business.

Boosts Team’s Performance

Team building activities are known to enhance the overall performance of the team. When different employees work together as a team during such activities, they become better aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This understanding of their fellow teammates helps them in performing better which ultimately results in the best outcomes.

These are some of the benefits you can reap by conducting different team-building activities in your company. Incorporating them in your organization’s normal operational protocols won’t be a problem once you’re prepared to make the effort.