Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of GALF

GALF Revolutionises Corporate Wellness Space with Holistic Wellbeing Approach

Get a Life Fitness (GALF) has come up with a contemporary ecosystem that will meet the end-to-end requirements for a corporate’s wellness needs. It aims to project wellness as a lifestyle by making it easier for corporate employees and CEOs to maintain their overall health and be fit.


Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of GALF  

                                               Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of GALF


Corporates have time and again resorted to employee engagement and wellbeing programs after realising how important it is for an organisation to take care of the employees and their health. However, their approach towards this has always been missing a holistic outlook.


Obtaining an optimum work-life balance is essential because in the daily grind to produce results at work and perform well, it is easy to neglect health concerns that might be on the rise simultaneously. It is imperative that corporate employees and CEOs get regular health check-ups and keep a tab on their mental, physical and emotional health in order to keep performing the way they do and ensure a good lifestyle.


I was undergoing sciatic nerve pain a few years back. That period of 3-4 months had been the worst phase, I would say because I did not feel happy and joyful at all. I went on to get it treated through surgery later on and realized that being healthy and fit is the single largest factor for being joyful which is the overall objective of living,” says Mr. Amit Grover India Head & Director – Global Finance Shared Services, Avaya India Pvt. Ltd. and strongly advocates GALF Holistic Wellness approach.


GALF suite of services includes:


  • State-of-art Wellness App based Fitness Tracking and Rewards
  • Wellness Products Marketplace and Holistic Wellness Services
  • Customised Wellness Strategy
  • Design and delivery of Holistic Wellness Interventions
  • Wellness (index) Metrics and Analytics


GALF has fast emerged as the niche player in specialized segment of  ‘CXOs and Senior Leadership Wellness’ that undergo high amount of stress and anxiety. GALF Team of reputed wellness specialists who come with years of experience and research, have designed special modules to cater to requirements of different groups of corporate realm such as women colleagues, middle-management, new joiners and more. These modules not just cover physical health needs but also pay attention to mental, emotional, nutritional and spiritual aspects of being healthy. Beyond this, corporate employees need assistance in dealing with financial, social and environmental wellness concerns which the GALF ecosystem is equipped to assist with.


GALF provides a 360 degree solutions deck that covers it all help employees break free from the sedentary lifestyle. From online and onsite wellness solutions to organising wellness carnivals and festivals to crafting wellness off-sites including sports and fitness interventions such as treks and trails, marathons, LIIT, MIIT, aquatherapy and more to make wellness a more adventurous and fun experience.


The most valued asset of an organisation is its human resource and several corporates have already started to realise this. Several corporate wellness programs already exist but only on the surface level. Mr. Rajnish Virmani CEO Positive Momentum and member of GALF Advisory Board commented on the current state of corporate wellness initiatives by saying that, “It is very sporadic. The programs do not really have the management’s heartfelt buy-in. ‘Flavour of the Month’ kind of feel.  If the employee is feeling low or tired, naturally, their productivity, efficiency and quality of output will suffer. We should also realize that our mental and physical health are tied up very closely. Hence, the need for a holistic view of the wellbeing of employees.”


GALF wellness ecosystem that includes MyGALF Mobile App collates the entire wellness experience into one platform. Employees will be able to assess their health parameters and receive a uniquely curated program according to their individual requirements. Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of GALF said, “Today we spend more time at our workplaces then at home and our colleagues have become an extended part of our families. Thus, having structured wellness approach at the work-place is an important aspect of Employee Value Proposition and the cultural construct of the company.”


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