Genesys initiates aerial survey for Jaipur’s 3D city model project

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Government of Rajasthan and RajCOMP Info Services Ltd. (RISL) has initiated Jaipur 3D City Solution project. This 3D modelwould assist the Jaipur authorities in effective planning and development of the city. For the first time in India, a project of this scale has been initiated.

RISL has awarded the contract to Aurionpro Solutions Limited for Development & Implementation of 3D City solution for Jaipur. As the project involves aerial survey, terrestrial survey and 3D city model development, it has subsequently contracted the 3D modelling work to Genesys International Corporation Limited, a pioneer in the Geographical Information System (GIS) and Geospatial Engineering domain.

 Genesys International Corporation has been entrusted to create the most accurate and realistic 3D model of each and every structure in the Jaipur Development Authority.  Genesys will collect data using all the available latest techniques including aerial, mobile and backpack sensors, and process this data with more than 350 experienced engineers.  For the first time in India, hybrid aerial camera systems having nadir, oblique and Lidar sensors are being used for the project. Jaipur Development Authority has more than 1 million structures spread over 3000 sq kms. Accurate models of each structure will be the bed rock of this path-breaking project.  This 3D datasets which will depict the buildings ‘As IS’ will be used by the City Management platform which will aid in planning, development and management of the city.

This is one of the most complex projects to be undertaken in the industry worldwide and makes Rajasthan the first state in the country to launch the 3D smart city model in geographic information system (GIS) environment.

Continuing its tradition of conceptualizing and building innovative smart solutions for municipalities and urban local bodies (CitySCAPE, InfraSCAPE and WaterSCAPE), Genesys is leveraging its two decades of experience in acquiring, processing and integrating different types of geospatial data, to create realistic scale-to-fit 3D models of the Jaipur city. The complex process of generation of the 3D City covers planning, processing and integration of geo-data acquired using aerial and terrestrial platforms.

Along with effective city planning and development, 3D city will be supporting various Government authorities with a wide range of applications including Emergency/Disaster Management, Traffic Management, Infrastructure Project Monitoring, etc.