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Class 12 exams are conducted in the entire country with immense ease and enthusiasm as it is the last. The most important exam of their entire school life. But for this academic year it is rather peculiar and out of ordinary due to the covid-19 pandemic that students have to take online classes. But with online classes for class 12 commerce, it is rather becoming convenient for both teachers and students during these difficult times.

Online classes on Zoom Meetings is the newest approach but as far as considering students’ opinions it is also the most comfortable and reliable source.

Benefits Of Online Classes-

Online Classes or Video lectures hold multiple advantages to differentiate it from the traditional approach to learning. Hence make it the most likable form of learning for students around the world.

  1. Students can take the classes from anywhere at any time without any foundations as there were earlier in schools and colleges.
  2. Online video lectures are Free of cost although the online coaching for class 12 students could have its own charges VidyaSetu provides free online classes to the students.
  3. Students do not feel any distraction while taking classes on the internet as their entire focus is towards the screen and hence students often feel Motivated and Focused.
  4. It is easily accessible to students even in remote areas as lectures can be viewed on mobile phones as well and students do not necessarily need Computer screens or laptops.
  5. Students also have a great Opportunity in hand to get taught by most Experienced Teachers.
  6. It also provides the tutee a Great possibility to stay in personal touch with the tutor.
  7. Unlike the traditional way of learning, in online classes, Problem-solving is at a much faster pace.

In live classes, students are often not able to ask all their doubts and also feel a need to have class 12 video lectures or online classes for class 12 commerce, science, and arts stream to help them clear out their doubts and understand even the difficult topics, VidyaSetu online classes for class12  is a perfect solution to this problem.

Online Classes for 12th Commerce Students

Commerce is one of the most demanding streams in today’s world in the field of finance, as well as management, which involves the most percentage of students. Commerce involves practical and theory subjects like accountancy, business studies, etc. Although students also have to study one compulsory language and one optional subject.

Students often lookout for online classes for class 12 commerce. But with numerous tutors available online, 12th graders are not satisfied with video lectures for class 12 online. Due to various reasons like bad video quality, high fees, not experienced faculty, no proper notes or solution nor any problem-solving strategies.

Hence, Students count on and trust Vidya Setu for class 12 commerce online classes and online classes for class 12. It fulfills all the requirements students want and at the same time delivers services more than any other platform available.

Preparation Tips for Online Classes for Class 12

To practice education properly through commerce online classes, students must know ways and means on how to take an online class and practice the knowledge on a regular basis. Below are some of the ways which can help for better performance.

Why VidyaSetu-

All of the features which make Vidya Setu Better than others are listed below.-


Tutors at Vidya Setu are not only experienced but are at the same time expertise in their specific subjects. Interactive teachers are the ones who build a comfortable environment with the students & then push them to work hard. Vidya Setu teachers have all those qualities and understand each student’s weaknesses and strengths.


Vidya Setu not like any other platform does not charge anything for class 12. It provides students study material, sample papers, and etc. Without taking any money from the students, it is an organization only to educate as many students as they can without making them worried about fees.


Vidya setu provides class 12 video lectures in high quality so that students can study all of them without facing any difficulty in understanding. Students can visit VidyaSetu ‘s YouTube channel to go through the videos.


Vidya setu not only provides class 12 online classes but it also provides CBSE class 12 crash course online. All study material like syllabus, notes, books, model test papers, question papers, sample papers, doubt solving, etc.


You can take online classes for class 12 from anywhere at any time. Students can always visit Vidya Setu’s Official Website to get all the lectures in a proper format easy to understand.

Hence, all of the reasons above justify why class 12 commerce students prefer Vidya setu as the best institute for class 12 online classes.

Reviews and Feedback on VidyaSetu-

With the positive feedback of thousands of students using it. It has soon become one of the leading portals and answers to all queries regarding online classes for class 12th.

Vidya Setu lectures are interactive so that students remain interested in the lectures instead of getting bored. The classes provided are immensely informative and in HD quality with a crystal clear view.

The problem solving is available 24*7 to the students, they can easily ask the question in the comment section under the video lectures.

Vidya setu is tested and recommended by 3500+ students and provides around 200+Video Lectures on Accountancy, Business studies, and economics.

Below is the feedback of a student who scored 90% marks in his Class 12 board Exam after studying from VidyaSetu-

“In a lockdown, The only place where I received answers to all my questions regarding class 12 board exams is VidyaSetu. Their online classes for class 12 are very informative and easy to understand.”- Amit Agarwal.


Class 12th students preparing for board exams are more troubled than ever due to the lack of preparation because of the current pandemic scenario. Hence, students can refer to Vidya setu for free online lectures and online classes of class 12th commerce. They can find all the study material for their preparation so that they can achieve better marks.

Benefits of Online classes, these days are providing extraordinary help in scoring 90% marks for students preparing for class 11th exams. With online classes, students are able to remember the key concepts and all the topics very well.