Google Keyboard New features

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Google keyboard

Google keyboard new features

Since the Google keyboard or the G-Board launched for Android platform (as earlier it was only available to the IOS users only)  there are many features which were still missing but the new update have unlocked some of the features . In thsi post we are show casing some of the features of the new Updated G-Board.

The Google keyboard new features are a new clean and materialistic design which can also be found on IOS keyboard but the keys now have more comfortable grip and feels nice while typing and the keyboard also have new round bumpy keys with the shades around them which make them more classy.
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Now in google keyboard new features have long pressing while texting or the text area as earlier there are only paste , select and select all option now the number of options are increased to Bold , Italic and striketh and monospacing etc.
Google keyboard pictures features

Now the user have the Google search along with coupled of new add-ons namely the translator , themes, the indicator, the resizing and the settings shortcut.

This google keyboard new feature comes in handy when the user type a long paragraph and want to correct some errors or have to do some changes in the whole paragraph as this option provide the user to navigate in the whole paragraph and the user also can copy , paste and select all the text .

In this feature the user can translate any text , words of other languages without opening the Google application and searching for the particular word or text . This feature also provide the user to detect the language as this came handy while finding out the languages which are quite a bit smiliar such as Chinese and traditional Chinese etc.

The Google keyboard also provide a bunch of customisation in its setting where the user can set their preferences , themes and corrections etc according to their need.
In the Updated google keyboard there are many new themes are included as earlier there are only the solid colour themes and the custom themes are available but now it has the new landscapes options where there are new and beautiful landscapes from which the user can choose and can download the particular landscape skin.
After downloading the theme the user can also see the preview of the theme and can select whether they want the key boarders or not .
But the landscape theme don’t provide the rounded bumpy keys but rather they provide the square keys which are also nice and give a good response when clicked .