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Google play store new update

Google play store new update

Google play store new update have got some new animations and new features which are quite useful . Lets see some of the new features.

Now we get a new material style in the update center in Google Play Store where now all the individual installed application gets a update button beside them where earlier the user have to click on the update all button then he have to click on all the application which he donot want to update.It also show when then application was last updated .
Google play store new update apps games feature
In Google play store new update the Installed application section now the user get a new option to arrange all the Installed application in the Alphabetical order which make it easy for the user to keep the check on their applications downloaded via Google Play Store .It also shows the size of update of the application.
After Google play store new update now the user in the Library section gets the install button beside the application in all the individual application as the Library contains the application which the user have been Installed or contains the history of all the application which the user had Installed or downloaded  earlier from Google Play Store.
In the beta section the user have all the application in which they have joined the beta program and also now the user get to know whether their applications are updated to the new beta build or not .
Google play store new update also provide some of new animations namely the circular progress bar which tell the progress of udpate of the Installed application but unfortunately the same can’t be seen at the time of downloading any application.
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