GOTRAX GXL Electric Scooter Review

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While designing an e-scooter specifically for commuters, Gotrax carefully examined what appeals to them and the issues they face. In the revised Gotrax GXL v2, they kept the quality 8.5′′ pneumatic tyres, light frame, and strong folding mechanisms, but improved the construction quality, and braking system, and incorporated cruise control.

These premium features, combined with the Gotrax GXL v2’s low price, make it the ideal e-scooter for beginners or younger riders seeking a quality piece of equipment without the bells With bells and whistles that come at a higher cost.


The mercane mx60 has a 250-watt motor and a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 187 watt-hours. Both components perform admirably for the price and provide a significant power boost to your motorcycle.

Two-speed settings are also available, allowing you to easily accelerate to 15.5 mph or cruise at 10 mph (they are controlled similarly to bike gears). We found that using top power to properly scour modest urban inclines (up to 10 degrees) helped when climbing hills, but you’ll slow down as you get closer to the top.

The cruise control option is one we were pleased to find on an electric scooter at this price point. If you hold down the throttle for 10 seconds, your bike will maintain its current speed. While using this option indefinitely may drain your battery, it improves the riding experience and is not even available on some of the higher-end luxury models.

Our opinion is that the Gotrax GXL v2’s biggest selling point is how simple it is to use and control. It is fun and intuitive right away when you ride.

Speed And Acceleration

The GXL v2 is advertised with a top speed of 15.5 mph, which is certainly possible but is dependent on a number of factors including rider weight and weather conditions.

Peak speed can be attained with ease thanks to the simple gear arrangement. The gears are sensitive enough to allow you to quickly pick up the pace if you’re approaching a hill’s foot or are about to pass another rider on an electric scooter.

While the top speed isn’t as fast as more expensive models with two motors, it’s plenty fast for city riders unless they live in a very mountainous area. Gotra has expertly balanced the speed capabilities for a commuting scooter — add in the convenient cruise control, and it should please even the most discerning of casual riders.

The Gotrax GXL v2 has exceptional acceleration. It will get you there quickly and easily, but it won’t start you off at full speed right away.

Because it has a zero-start option, the GXL v2 requires a starter, but it does so reliably, and acceleration begins at around 2mph. Because of its low stiffness, your acceleration is controlled by a simple push button throttle conveniently located in the controls.

Once you’re moving, you can reach full speed in an average of 10 seconds.


Gotrax claims that the GXL v2 has a 12-mile range on a single charge. The Gotrax GXL v2 falls short of its more expensive predecessors, but it excels within its price range. This makes it the ideal electric scooter for short-distance excursions or a quick commute – exactly the type of rider Gotrax is aiming for.

We were able to go 9 miles on a full charge, but individual riders will experience different distances. Remember that the lithium-ion battery regenerates a tiny amount of electricity each time you brake, contributing to the battery’s longer lifespan.

Similar to other battery packs, the battery pack charges in 3–4 hours, making the time between trips relatively short. If you commute to a job that is eight miles away, you can charge it in the afternoon and reliably go home.

Motor Configuration

However, we’ve discovered that single-motor scooters, such as the GXL v2, have the experience of a classic kick scooter. Once again, this aimed at a certain client who inexperienced with electric scooters and appreciates the weight distribution.

If you’re used to twin motors, the 250w single motor at the back of the Gotrax GXL v2 may throw you off.

Construction And Build Quality

The GXL frame is very thin. We’re used to low-cost electric scooters with weight systems that lean toward the larger side of the design spectrum. This is not the case with the Gotrax GXL v2.

When compared to more expensive models, the GXL v2, which made of durable yet lightweight aluminium, looks the part. To maintain the streamlined design, the 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres tiny, and red trim can found throughout the vehicle. The entire package will appeal to buyers of commuter scooters who are concerned about their appearance.

The Gotrax GXL v2 electric scooter is remarkably sturdy. As you’d expect from an aluminium chassis, with a weight restriction of 220 pounds claimed by the manufacturer. This maximum weight is greater than that of some of the scooters in the top price range. So it’s a wonderful feature. It broadens the appeal of the GXL v2 by preserving its appealing design while accommodating a broader range of riders.

When you consider the pricing, the build quality of the Gotrax GLX v2 is outstanding. As previously said. The aluminium frame provides the scooter with solidity. That is comfortable when riding and keeps it well-balanced without being burdensome.

The controls of the scooter centred on an LED display. That sits flat in the handlebars, which is a terrific design feature. The LED itself is simple, measuring speed and displaying battery life. Many motorcyclists now accustomed to collecting information while riding via Bluetooth or a separate app. Although the Gotrax GXL v2 appears uncomplicated in comparison. Its essential features function flawlessly, and the display is exceptionally visible even at night.

Gotrax GXL v2 Electric Scooter Review

The weight of the Cruiser, combined with the suspension. Adds extra heft to absorb vibrations and punishing impacts from even the most difficult roads. You can ride the e-scooter for extended periods of time because of the ergonomic position and size of the handlebars.

The weight of the Cruiser, combined with the suspension, adds extra heft to absorb vibrations and punishing impacts from even the most difficult roads. You can ride the e-scooter for extended periods of time because of the ergonomic position and size of the handlebars.